Nationwide foreign charges

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Created August 7, 2010 by Peter


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  1. Marian Nutley Andover UNITED STATES

    I opened a Nationwide account soley because of the free foreign withdrawals. i live mainly in spain which means that every transaction i undertake is now charged at £1 and then 20%. I have complained and told them i will be leaving their company, they are not the slightest bit interested. all i have received is their standard reply.

  2. Gavin Forrest Bexhill SPAIN

    very un fair as I access my money regulary abroad

  3. Avril Waddington Calheta, Madeira PORTUGAL

    I live in Madeira, Portugal and the charges make quite a difference to me. It would be nice not to have them.

  4. Joseph Lyons Bingley UNITED KINGDOM

    I joined to get the charges free transaction when abroad.
    I am 80 years old and do not qualify for Nationwide's FREE Travel insurance so I lose both ways

  5. Gloria Shaw Fuengirola UNITED KINGDOM
  6. Gordon Hopewell Marlow UNITED KINGDOM

    They now behave just like a bank.
    Check out the salaries the top guys pay themselves.

  7. siliver with controltalk lady gaga heartbeats CHINA

    siliver with controltalk lady gaga heartbeats

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