Nationwide foreign charges

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Created August 7, 2010 by Peter


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  1. Douglas Cruden Glasgow UNITED KINGDOM
  2. Alison Owen sudbury UNITED KINGDOM

    you was one of the only building society to have free withdrawals please reconsider

  3. Jackie Riley UNITED KINGDOM
  4. Richard Allen Launceston UNITED KINGDOM

    As a member wh does all their banking with Nationwide the action they have taken is a disgrace

  5. Mike Coleman St Austell UNITED KINGDOM

    If these charges are implemented I will close my account.

  6. Thomas Evans Swindon UNITED KINGDOM

    Nationwide is a mutual society.This means that the directors should LISTEN to and run the organisation for the benefit of the members who own the society NOT FOR THEMSELVES!

  7. Philip Richards London UNITED KINGDOM
  8. Mary Thompson Clydebank UNITED KINGDOM
  9. quentin lyons bedford UNITED KINGDOM

    Totally unfair and nothing more than 'a rip off'. Not what you would expect from a mutual society. The whole thing is more in favour of Nationwide than it's loyal customers which is in my case 30+ years.

  10. Simon Sutton Hatfield UNITED KINGDOM

    I specifically opened a Nationwide account to get at MY money abroad without being charged to do so! If this is withdrawn on 1st November, I will look to closing this account and gping elsewhere!

  11. Michael Sharp Coventry UNITED KINGDOM
  12. Sally Constantine Christchurch UNITED KINGDOM

    Disgusted with Nationwide

  13. Stephen Freeman Milton Keynes UNITED KINGDOM

    As a shareholder I don't believe that this is correct.

  14. james devereaux worthing UNITED STATES
  15. Jennifer Sutton Hatfield UNITED KINGDOM

    Don't lose customers by doing this! You are a great building society to be with and to stay with unless you bring in these charges! Beware of how much you could lose!

  16. margaret rae arillas corfu GREECE

    i live most of the time now in Corfu, if the chargaes to withdraw my cash are enforced, i will be closing my account, and transferring my funds abroad. I will be very disappointed if this has to happen.

  17. Sandra Davies Southampton UNITED KINGDOM

    I rely on this service to access my own money when I am abroad

  18. Eddie Bilsborrow Preston UNITED KINGDOM

    The travel insurance you get with your Nationwide account is of no use if you have an existing health problem.
    It's seems like Nationwide have shot themselves in the foot with proposal, as it appears from this petition that most of the people who have left a comment are going to close their accounts.

  20. Michael Bonallie Bradford UNITED KINGDOM

    Please go back to delivering a service that people signed up to not to make as much money for yourselves as you can without any regard to the people who are helping you survive in this present financial climate. Please remember, 'what goes around comes around'.

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