Nationwide foreign charges

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Created August 7, 2010 by Peter


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  1. marg hodgson leeds FRANCE

    absolutely disgusted at the change to policy which affects me enormously, shall be withdrawing all my business which I transferred for the reasons of the charging in Europe, now it is useless.

  2. Paul Burke Clacton FRANCE
  3. Imogen Radford France FRANCE
  4. Pamela Leitch Gumond France FRANCE

    Can only put in UK address ! So have used my last region. This is crazy. I moved my money for this very reason and also ahve my pensions paid to my account. I will now be closing all my accounts if this goes ahead/

  5. William Leitch Gumond France FRANCE

    Used my previous are to register although I live in France. Will be closing all my accounts if this goes ahead

  6. Stuart Allen Canterbury FRANCE

    If the charges are introduced there will be no advantage in keeping my NW account as, despite paying in £2000 per month, I earned less than £1 interest last year. I shall probably go back to the Halifax. NW minus one customer.

  7. roger brown Rotherham UNITED KINGDOM

    i have already withdrawn the money from my account.

  8. Jacqueline Edgington FRANCE

    I am investigating alternative banks who will not impose charges for withdrawing money overseas

  9. Jean Sloss Banbury FRANCE

    Loyal long term customers should be rewarded

  10. Raymond Sloss Banbury FRANCE

    Flex account rates not good, need this perk or will change to Saga

  11. Andrew Patmore Sevenoaks UNITED KINGDOM
  12. marguerite hill southminster UNITED KINGDOM

    very disappointing. will probably now close account and switch to halifax

  13. Richard East Hythe FRANCE

    Free withdrawls for all when we're on holiday

  14. Geoff Boud FRANCE
  15. Susan Boud FRANCE
  16. ian mugglestone nottingham UNITED KINGDOM

    I have an account with Nationwide, and I think this is just blatant proffitering

  17. Sheena Beech Northwich UNITED KINGDOM

    I will just close account if they impose charges.

  18. Gary Shanahan FRANCE
  19. John Groeneveld Barnet UNITED KINGDOM
  20. John William LAING Doncaster FRANCE

    Having purchased a property abroad as a maison secondaire, the policy you have /had regard card usage suited me ideally, also having two properties in the UK along with a building plot I was looking to change companies however I understand there's a change in place which totally negates the reason to transfer facilities.\r\n\r\nJ.W.Laing.

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