Nationwide foreign charges

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Created August 7, 2010 by Peter


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  1. david john knowles doncaster UNITED KINGDOM

    please think again

  2. Mark Bennett Trambly, FRANCE UNITED KINGDOM

    Nationwide think again as your proposed changes will make you VERY unpopular – be different to other banks and listen to what we the customers are asking for!

  3. Simon Holland UNITED KINGDOM

    This is a decision not taken in Members interests.

  4. Mark Benson Liverpool UNITED KINGDOM

    Tighten up control on freeloaders but keep one of the few unique selling points that any financial institution has had in recent years.

  5. Victoria Webber Romford SPAIN
  6. Geoffrey Coan Sandy ITALY
  7. Michael Cummings Swindon UNITED KINGDOM

    just too disgusted for words

  8. jackie inston YORK UNITED KINGDOM

    agreed –
    you are better than this

  9. John Fletcher Cleethorpes UNITED KINGDOM

    Fully support the motion for Nationwide to maintain the current position & NOt to introduce the proposed changes

  10. Malcolm Sellwood Southampton UNITED KINGDOM

    robbers !!!!

  11. Clive Atkinson Bolton UNITED KINGDOM
  12. charles tuckley sutton coldfield UNITED STATES

    Make yourself different, as promised, keep yor word,treat your customers with respect. There is no need for this measure

  13. Brian Wilson Market Weighton TURKEY

    You are the best please don't spoil yourselves….

  14. patricia watson carmarthen UNITED KINGDOM
  15. gary johnson Pembury UNITED KINGDOM
  16. Rees Pryce Cardiff UNITED KINGDOM

    Disappointed in this decision and will now consider closing all my accounts wit NW.


    we will change our bank if this goes ahead. We would be worse off as the travel insurance offer offered would exclude us in age & health issues.

  18. Gerald Sims FRANCE
  19. Peter Walker Birmingham UNITED KINGDOM

    Free health insurance is no good if you have preconditions

  20. Christine Hargrave Newbiggin by the Sea UNITED KINGDOM

    I am very disapointed in NW that they have taken this stand

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