Nationwide foreign charges

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Created August 7, 2010 by Peter


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  1. ross leslie bedlington UNITED KINGDOM

    call yourself mutual your now just another bank

  2. John Bilham FRANCE

    "Nationwide – proud to be different".

    No, becoming more like the banks every day. Shame.

  3. Michael Collett OZILLAC

    (We live in France, but you don't offer that option.)
    We are particularly grieved, since we have no option but to use NW debit card to withdraw cash from our Flex account, where are pensions are credited monthly. We have written to NW to complain, but have not had the courtesy of a reply. We will be closing all our various NW accounts shortly.

  4. Susan Crow Ellesmere Port FRANCE
  5. John Clarke FRANCE

    If the media provided any sort of public service this would be hot news item, and the powers that be in Nationwide would be grilled and publicly shamed at this volte face.

  6. Vanessa Gregory Southampton UNITED KINGDOM
  7. kim GOODALL st pol/hastings UNITED KINGDOM
  8. Nicholas Pearson Rustington FRANCE

    Also would have been nice for the Nationwide to inform its customers personally, rather than just letting the press do it's dirty work.

  9. Jacqueline Patrick Nieuil, 16270, France FRANCE
  10. Stephen Patrick Nieuil, 16270, France FRANCE
  11. Benjamin Patrick Nieuil, 16270, France FRANCE
  12. barry woodley FRANCE
  13. Simone Johnston Buxton FRANCE
  14. Margaret Pipe london FRANCE
  15. Michael Knight FRANCE
  16. Peter Sweet Dover UNITED KINGDOM

    Let those who use other NW facilities go on using Foreign ATMs for free. Charge those who Only use cards fore this one end.

  17. Susanna Sharp Edinburgh UNITED KINGDOM

    Free European withdrawls is one of the main reasons I have stayed loyal to nationwide for 25 years. I will now seriously consider moving away.

  18. Laura Read ITALY
  19. martin scott


  20. Mary Hartnell Basildon UNITED KINGDOM

    Time to revive the members association?

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