no to lib dem conservative alliance

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Created May 10, 2010 by Amy


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There are currently 280 signatures for this petition:

  1. Amy Curtis Colchester GERMANY

    Don't sell out Nick, the national interest is not for this!

  2. Janice McGrother Middlesbrough UNITED KINGDOM
  3. Lindsay brown Falkirk UNITED KINGDOM

    Scotland voted LABOUR not Tories or Lib Dems!

  4. Graeme White Chorley UNITED KINGDOM

    Please do not sell your beliefs down the river for a few years of gornernment. Do the right thing and represent people who voted for you on a ticket of electoral reform.

  5. TJ Hart London UNITED KINGDOM

    This may be our only chance for a fair electoral system and a government that this country wants – a liberal, progressive one – but it won't be found with the conservatives.

  6. katrina Galligan Dumfries UNITED KINGDOM
  7. stacey butler shrewsbury UNITED KINGDOM

    no to deal with tories !

  8. Aimee Coles Bristol UNITED KINGDOM
  9. Chelsea forrest southampton UNITED KINGDOM

    Lib/Lab please!

  10. Heather McGarron Leicester UNITED KINGDOM
  11. Kathryn Townsend UNITED KINGDOM
  12. Sarah Phillips Stevenage UNITED KINGDOM
  13. Joshua Whalley Salford UNITED KINGDOM
  14. Luke Sheehan UNITED KINGDOM

    If this goes ahead it will be political suicide! A LabLib alliance makes much more sense, I hope Clegg pulls through to see it.

  15. Margo Milne Borehamwood UNITED KINGDOM
  16. louise gittins neston UNITED KINGDOM
  17. jill cunningham Lundin Links UNITED KINGDOM

    I have phoned,emailed and now I sign this petition. No alliance with the tories I beg you.

  18. Josh hall UNITED KINGDOM

    feel like ive wasted my vote if he joined the torries, wish i had voted labour now.

  19. Sam Birrell UNITED KINGDOM

    A centre Left party DOES NOT work well with a Right party. You may claim this way all 3 sides of the political spectrum are represented, but the ideologies are so contradictory that entertaining the idea is nothing but pure abstract.

  20. Natalie Martin Hamilton UNITED KINGDOM
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