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Created May 10, 2010 by Amy


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  1. Cheryl - Diane Thomas Dundee UNITED KINGDOM

    Conservative and Liberal are two different things in the dictionary, what makes you think they can come together in a government.

  2. Steve Corke Hastings UNITED KINGDOM
  3. Kerr Stuart Dundee UNITED KINGDOM
  4. James Palmer Loughborough UNITED KINGDOM
  5. Nicholas Rowley GERMANY
  6. David McDermott Glasgow UNITED KINGDOM

    David Cameron is a dangerous man and I don't think the plan for Britain he has laid out really gels well with Lib Dem plans.\r\n\r\nof course they deserve first crack at it being the largest party, however I wouldn't let a personal issue with Mr Brown close the doors on a possibility that would serve the interests of more of the voters.

  7. Rebecca Thorne Selby UNITED KINGDOM

    Mr. Clegg, Conservative policies and ideals are in complete opposition to those proposed and held by the Lib Dems. Do not think for one second that Mr Cameron will give anything that we, the Lib Dems and we the people of Britain, want and/or need. He will not give into to PR voting as it will oust the Tories. Go with Labour, your ideas are more similar and Labour and Lib Dem would find it easier to compromise. Please, Nick, for the people of Britain, for the country that Cameron will run into the ground, don't do it. Don't make a deal with the Tories, they'll only screw you and everyone else over. Go with Labour, please.

  8. d sandhu london UNITED KINGDOM

    Not natural bedfellows, join the tories and loose my vote forever!

  9. Hannah Wilkinson UNITED KINGDOM
  10. Claire Constable London UNITED KINGDOM
  11. David Siberry Middlesbrough UNITED KINGDOM

    Dont do it. This will ruin our glorious country.\r\n

  12. Matthew Johnson UNITED KINGDOM
  13. Emily Wright Brighton UNITED KINGDOM
  14. Helen Enfys Edinburgh UNITED KINGDOM

    For all those that voted liberal in hope

  15. cheryl baker bletchley UNITED KINGDOM

    keep labour in :-)

  16. Scriea Estephane UNITED KINGDOM

    Keep Labour in, your views are more towards Labour's anyway. No Torie government please

  17. Oliver Winters Oxford UNITED KINGDOM
  18. Siobhan Macrae Dundee UNITED KINGDOM
  19. charlotte Joseph UNITED KINGDOM
  20. ian coleman carnoustie UNITED KINGDOM
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