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Created May 10, 2010 by Amy


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  1. Jason Bowles London UNITED KINGDOM

    Please, please, please no Lib Dem/Tory deal. Do not sell out to the Tories. Remember whats in your name – Liberal and Democratic. Two things the tories will destroy.

  2. Peter Harrison Leeds UNITED KINGDOM

    It's not about propping up Labour, it's about getting a fair voting system. I don't expect to agree with everybody or every party's policies but at least everyone's vote would count equally.

  3. Hayley Embleton London UNITED KINGDOM
  4. margaret-anne oliver stockton-on-tees UNITED KINGDOM
  5. Julie Wooler Taunton UNITED KINGDOM
  6. angelina watts weymouth UNITED KINGDOM

    remember thatcher!! You will lose all credibility, people see as you re selling your soul to get what you want!!!

  7. Asher Scott UNITED KINGDOM
  8. samantha bernard UNITED KINGDOM
  9. Lynne Moore St Andrews UNITED KINGDOM

    No way do we want a Tory alliance with the Liberal Democrats, it would be like throwing ourselves to the sharks, please consider carefully, I believe that if there is a re election, more people will realise what a mistake they made by not voting and may then turn out to the polling stations. Conservatives raped this country please please please don't let them get the chance to do it again.

  10. charlotte sims Cardiff UNITED KINGDOM

    we dont want to see david cameron as our PM – i hate his slimy eton face. say no!

  11. justine poole truro UNITED KINGDOM

    lib dem votes weren't intending a tory majority government. You simply must not sell out on electoral reform.

  12. Brittany Sims Cardiff UNITED KINGDOM

    He will destroy britain, with his condesending ways. Say no to conservative

  13. Phil Thompson Port Talbot, South Wales UNITED KINGDOM

    I voted for you ,Nick,I do not want to see a conserative govermant

  15. ruth wajsblum bristol UNITED KINGDOM

    If I had wanted a conservative government I would have voted for them. This is an unfair electoral system.

  16. libby stubbs teddington UNITED KINGDOM

    We feel utterley let down and betrayed, if this alliance goes forward. "ConDem" a very good name I'd say. I'll never vote Lib Dem again and I think a lot of people will follow me, it's shocking.

  18. sharon parry UNITED KINGDOM

    No to lib dem/tory alliance, if this happens I will feel I have wasted my vote, should have stuck to labour!

  19. Aisling Musgrove UNITED KINGDOM
  20. Andrew Batchelor Croydon UNITED KINGDOM

    I voted for Lib/Dem policies NOT Tory ones.

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