no to lib dem conservative alliance

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Created May 10, 2010 by Amy


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  1. Zacharry Kevans UNITED KINGDOM

    Mr.Clegg i plead with you do not trust the tories, you cannot trust Camerons promises any more than the electorate can

  2. mary moran london UNITED KINGDOM
  3. Helen Eynon Marazion UNITED KINGDOM
  4. Karen Hmaimou Brighton UNITED KINGDOM
  5. Grant Muirhead UNITED KINGDOM

    This would go against everything the Liberals have stood for for so long. This will not bring the reform you crave and we need! There is only one choice. Lessonas have been learnt within the Labour Party now assist the country to recover from this and join the Labour Party….a much closer link to the core principles of your party surely!

  7. Philip Marsh Luton UNITED KINGDOM
  8. Eve Williams Portsmouth UNITED KINGDOM
  9. Sarah Skates UNITED KINGDOM
  10. Emma Fisher
  11. Eleanor Dooks Ayr UNITED KINGDOM

    The lib dems are traitors if they do this. Have some morals!

    A lib dem – labour coalition and electoral reform is the only acceptable solution.

    Watch all your Scottish seats disappear in the blink of an eye if you go ahead with the Tories.

  12. craig newman bristol UNITED KINGDOM

    God please dont get into bed with the tories!!

  13. Vivienne Thorpe Scunthorpe UNITED KINGDOM

    Liberals should be in coalition with Labour NOT with right wing Tories

  14. Joseph Servi London UNITED KINGDOM

    I did not vote Conservative. I did not want – DO not want a Conservative government, of any kind. The Conservative government did not win this election. I would rather a Liberal Democrat/ Labour alliance, or a new election.

  15. anne marie Aboutayab Brighton UNITED KINGDOM

    we don t want any conservatives

  16. Wendy Allison Manchester UNITED KINGDOM
  17. Trystan Forbes Luton UNITED KINGDOM
  18. Anastasios Vourexakis Horsham UNITED KINGDOM
  19. Patricia Ballantyne Southwark UNITED KINGDOM
  20. ELOISE STONE Bradford
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