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Created May 10, 2010 by Amy


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  1. anna marie zecca Gilfach Goch, Porth UNITED KINGDOM

    Had i have known before hand that there may be a lib-con coalition, i would have most definitly not voted lib dem! Was the "vot lib dem to keep the conservatives out" all part of the plan?? As far as im concerned we have been duped and should have a re-election! Shame on you Nick Clegg!!!

  2. Hazel Chowcat Wakefield UNITED KINGDOM

    A week ago you told the Guardian there was "a gulf in values between myself and David Cameron" and that the Tories had no progressive reform agenda at all. Did you say these things in order to attract voters from the left? If so, how can you justify a coalition with the Tories. This is a grotesquely cynical bid for personal power.

  3. Dave Morning UNITED KINGDOM

    I would have voted Labour if I'd expected the Lib Dems to ally with Conservatives

  4. Kirsty Taylor Manchester UNITED KINGDOM
  5. Robert Jenkins Stirling UNITED KINGDOM

    A progressive coalition and PR is what the Lib Dems should be aiming for.

  6. Chloe Sharrard UNITED KINGDOM

    If the Lib Dems do a deal with the Conservatives I will never vote for them again.

  7. Jennifer Meadows Wigan UNITED KINGDOM
  8. Jack Stargatt Bristol UNITED KINGDOM

    I voted Lib Dem in the hope they would form a coaltion with Labour.

  9. Daniel Mcgrane Wigan UNITED KINGDOM
  10. angela byrne huddersfield UNITED KINGDOM

    Lib – Lab

  11. James Andrew Hoddy Winchester UNITED KINGDOM

    The tories would ruin this country

  12. Alexandra Landucci Oxford UNITED KINGDOM
  13. Michael Game UNITED STATES

    Remember the majority of the country voted for a centre left party and that's what you can deliver to us

  15. Stephen Gradwell Newcastle

    A collection of votes from Labour and the Lib Dems should be considered to be the voices of those who do not want a Conservative government.

    The wide ammount of support a Lab/Lib coalition and one of the reasons for the Lib Dems popular surge I think you'd find it quite undemocratic to work with the Conservatives, you'd be discounting the North of England, Wales and Scotland to work with the Tories and the views of most of your voters who statistically would rather you proped up Labour.

    Perhaps if their last adminstration hadn't caused such wide spread harm to anywhere other than middle britain they would have got the majority they were counting on.

    Please don't doom us to service cuts that are not spread out fairly, the Conservatives will cut up the North again. They know we'd never vote for them again, so they may as well put the pain on us.

  16. Alyssa Lloyd London UNITED KINGDOM
  17. James Ayres Swansea UNITED KINGDOM

    The Electorate obviously do not want Liberal Democrats to side with the Torries!

  18. anthony seale manchester UNITED KINGDOM

    No to a tory lib dem. Yes to a labour lib dem, if the torys get in power this country will fall apart. We want a fair society not a class system, the torys would sell there own gran just to get in government.

  19. fariz benchaoui luton UNITED KINGDOM
  20. H McGoldrick UNITED KINGDOM
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