no to lib dem conservative alliance

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Created May 10, 2010 by Amy


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There are currently 280 signatures for this petition:

  1. Andrew Baker Cocking UNITED KINGDOM

    This would represent a progressive alliance

  2. Lauren Wilmot London UNITED KINGDOM
  3. Andrew Hamm Chesterfield UNITED KINGDOM

    Most of your supporters voted LibDem for the simple reason of keeping the Tories out! An alliance with the Tories would therefore be political suicide.

  4. kathryn stones AUSTRIA
  5. Jen Lavery UNITED KINGDOM
  6. David Carmichael Clarkston UNITED KINGDOM

    Having voted for Lib Dem the possibility of a coalition or alliance disgusts me.

    How can a liberal party ally with a party that has a completely contrasting ideaology?

    A Liberal party should not ally with a party which campaigns for unfair taxs that favour the rich and a party that favours homophobic policies, as indicated by David Cameron's voting record

    Any deal with the conservatives is a mistake and a betrayal of the individuals that voted for the party.

  7. Hannah O'Connell Kendal

    The Tories want to drag us back into the past! Don't do it.

  8. Thomas Cosgrave Chippenham UNITED KINGDOM

    I think this 'ConDem' aliance is wrong. I, along with many voted Lib Dem to keep the Tories out! Nick Clegg obviously knows nothing about what views his own party has!

  9. Connor Rowbotham York UNITED KINGDOM
  10. Robin Janssens UNITED KINGDOM
  11. Fatema Hedayat Camden UNITED KINGDOM

    Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please do not sell us out nick. My family have been Lib Dem supporters since they could first vote. I have followed in their footsteps and though i am not able to vote yet, i am sure that if you are to ConDem our amazing and fair country i will never vote Liberal Democrat. Ever. Period.

  12. Richard Laba Wolverhampton UNITED KINGDOM

    I'm pretty sure my ballot paper ticked a box as far from Conservative as was offered.

  13. joanna donaldson edinburgh UNITED KINGDOM
  14. Thomas King Luton UNITED KINGDOM

    I certainly don't want the conservatives to have ANYTHING to do with how the country is run.

  15. Jessica King Luton UNITED KINGDOM

    Do the right thing, Nick

  16. Carmen Walker St Austell UNITED KINGDOM

    Don't Do it!!!!!!!!

  17. M Mercer-Hall Hailsham UNITED KINGDOM

    I voted for Chris Bowers our local candidate in the hope that is would make a change and push the Tories out – please don't join the Conservative party as I shall then be doubly disappointed!

  18. firth victoria gloucester UNITED KINGDOM

    lib lab alliance is the only way to go i will never vote again and i personally will lose all faith in the british politics system if u make the mistake of joining con just remember what the torries have done to our once great country in the past

  20. Gina Loughrey Edinburgh UNITED KINGDOM

    Don't ConDem us Nick!

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