no to lib dem conservative alliance

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Created May 10, 2010 by Amy


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There are currently 280 signatures for this petition:

  1. rachel pugh stirling UNITED KINGDOM
  2. edward james killen liverpool UNITED KINGDOM
  3. frank best edmonton UNITED KINGDOM

    i object to a lib dem conservative alliance

  4. Rodney Marques UNITED KINGDOM
  5. Adam Hayter London UNITED KINGDOM
  6. Rachael Walters teesside UNITED KINGDOM

    Big fat NO to conservatives.
    Labour & Lib dems could make a positive change!

  7. Katie Coutts Wormit UNITED KINGDOM
  8. Robert clerkson luton UNITED KINGDOM

    It will be the end of the Lib Dems if they do!

  9. Ryan Forbes Inverness UNITED KINGDOM
  10. Annabel Eltome Kirkwall UNITED KINGDOM

    I didnt vote for Alister so that you could ride rough shod over my wishes and jump into bed with the conservatives

  11. Gerald Millington Nuneaton UNITED KINGDOM

    Nick Clegg does not have the backing of the voters for this alliance.

  12. Elizabeth Baron Highgate, UNITED STATES

    You have sold out. I will never vote for the Lib Dems again, ever.

  13. c davies UNITED KINGDOM
  14. stella gizzi Bangor UNITED KINGDOM

    i didnt want this!

  15. David Burgess UNITED KINGDOM

    People who voted Lib Dem did NOT WANT A TORY PM

  17. Brian Marshall Radstock UNITED KINGDOM
  18. Keith Parkinson Hartlepool UNITED KINGDOM
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