Weather Contract With The Met Office

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Created August 23, 2015 by f e sharpe


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  1. Alex simpson UNITED KINGDOM

    Please keep the met office providing weather to the bbc

  2. John Bunch UNITED KINGDOM

    Please keep this link between met office and bbc. Both great British institutions.

  3. Alex Simpson UNITED KINGDOM

    Pls keep the met office providing their excellent forecasting to the bbc

  4. Mike Warren UNITED KINGDOM

    Excellent service should not be changed on a whim

  5. David Kelf UNITED KINGDOM

    The Met Office are best qualified to provide local forecasts to the UK.

  6. Pauline Hughes UNITED KINGDOM

    The only weather forecaster we trust – shame on the BBC for even thinking about looking away from the Met Office.

  7. Alan Stone

    BBC give a very comprehensive service, why change??

  8. Michael Gilday UNITED KINGDOM

    This is on behalf of my mother aged 87, who is most upset by the BBC’s decision to change from the Met Office.

  9. Shirley Stone

    Love the Met Office service, do not want to be without it.

  10. Morton Cotterill UNITED KINGDOM

    Use it or lose it.

  11. Tim Barnaby UNITED KINGDOM

    The Met Office is the only really accurate weather forecasting body and with the BBC getting their information straight from ensures accurate BBC weather forecasting which is what you expect and want from the best broadcaster.

    A less accurate forecast would downgrade the corporation as they would be seen as second rate, not getting the best and most accurate source of information.

  12. Gordon Wilson

    We must keep control of UK institutions.

  13. Margaret Langstaff UNITED KINGDOM

    Think the BBC weather do I good job.

  14. Alasdair Mawson UNITED KINGDOM

    Why change when there is no need for it.

  15. Margaret Langstaff UNITED KINGDOM

    The BBC weather do a first class service & have done for years. Why change when there is no need. I expect it is as usual down to money, say no more!

  16. Ann Edwards

    The Met Office are experienced and pretty accurate with their forecasts – why change?

  17. n. stokes UNITED KINGDOM

    UK’s weather is unique as such should be supplied from within UK


    Why change what is first class and unbeatable?


    The Met office should retain the weather forecast as they are a national institution.

  20. Peter Collins UNITED KINGDOM

    The Met Office models are optimised for the UK area. They also have a finer resolution in the UK and European area. Would a forecast operation based in a far off foreign country invest large sums of money in improving their models accuracy for thistles country? I very much doubt it just to satisfy the needs of one contract. If awarding the contract is in order to save money then keep The UK Met Office, look closely at the number of broadcasts provided 24/7 and reduce the army of forecasters and presenters both nationally and regionally.

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