Weather Contract With The Met Office

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Created August 23, 2015 by f e sharpe


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    The Best weather service around

  2. eric ward

    Met office have excellent track record. Very wrong to let another institution unique to UK be hived off to cheaper overseas bidder.

  3. Pat Ward

    Why change something that doesnt need fixing?

  4. S Morris

    weather forecasts should be supplied by UK

  5. B Morris

    The Met Office do a good job with forecasts & should carry on the same

  6. Pat Ward

    Why change something that doesn’t need fixing?

  7. Vanessa Stone UNITED KINGDOM

    Tried & tested the met office contract should be kept

  8. Marion Kenworthy UNITED KINGDOM

    I want to see on Television a map which has some metrological relevance

  9. christine watson UNITED KINGDOM

    why change when there is no better

  10. Marion Kenworthy UNITED KINGDOM

    I like the maps shown on TV to have some meteorological relevance

  11. june quirk UNITED KINGDOM

    Essential we keep a national based weather service

  12. peter greenwood UNITED KINGDOM

    The met office is the most reliable for the UK.

  13. David Buddery UNITED KINGDOM

    The BBC is a good British company and is part funded by the British public licence payers. I understand they have to save money wherever possible. However it is total madness to contemplate using a non British organisation to issue our weather forecasts. The Met Office is a British Institution and has served the UK extremely well for a long number of years and I am 100% against any change.

  14. Audrey hill UNITED KINGDOM

    Met office do a great job, let’s keep it local

  15. Anne Jarvis

    Just want to be counted

  16. Anne Jarvis

    Just want to show my disapproval of changing.

  17. marjorie lloyd

    Shouldn’t even need a reason!

  18. Angela Hester UNITED STATES

    Because the weather from the Met Office is/has been part of the British way of life for decades..not to mention the shipping forecast.It is a disgrace to out-source it in this way.Is NOTHING sacred any more? No other European country has the unique weather patterns that we do,being surrounded by seas on all sides,and the forecasts have constantly improved

  19. Angela Charnock UNITED KINGDOM

    The Met Office is simply the best. You are both ultimately paid for by us taxpayers. Where on earth is the logic in using anyone else!

  20. Tony Charnock UNITED KINGDOM

    The Met Office are the finest weather forecasters – and they’re British, so it’s pure common sense to keep using them.

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