Weather Contract With The Met Office

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Created August 23, 2015 by f e sharpe


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  1. Alan Dearling UNITED KINGDOM

    The MET Office seem to know what they are doing.

  2. John Willis SPAIN

    It just makes sense

  3. Anthea Bickley UNITED KINGDOM

    We live near the Pennines. Really local knowledge is vital for us, and we do not feel that forecasters outside the UK could provide this.

  4. Philip Budd UNITED KINGDOM

    British weather is best reported on by British organisations.

  5. Graham Morris UNITED KINGDOM

    The Met Office supplies excellent forecasts in our complex geographical environment. To replace a quality product for no sound reason should be strongly resisted.

  6. martyn howlett UNITED KINGDOM

    Imperative this institution stays in england

  7. Chris Maby UNITED KINGDOM

    Should be kept in Britain

  8. Celia Powell UNITED KINGDOM

    The BBC are the most reliable and easily obtainable way of informing everyone of the weather both on television and radio.

  9. Nickolas Gould UNITED KINGDOM

    It needs to stay British

  10. claire roper UNITED KINGDOM

    The metoffice forecast for my local area is spot on, which is more than can be said for many rival forecasts! It also surely better for the UK if we keep using British companies!

  11. Richard pring UNITED KINGDOM

    Met office is leading UK institute covering both forecasting and research into weather science and is invaluable to many outdoor based interest. Also able to give reliable forecasts from a base of knowledge


    Why change, the black suits should find something more pressing to do!

  13. Elizabeth Bloomfield UNITED KINGDOM

    Met office should be providing weather forecasts for BBC.No reason has been given for ending contract apart from stating that the licence requires tender process.We have not been told what this process is and whether it considers the excellent service given over many years.

  14. Trisha Jackson UNITED KINGDOM

    Want to keep BBC weather with the Met Office

  15. Richard Pring UNITED KINGDOM

    met Office is leading climate researcher providing excellent forecasts and detailed explanations by experienced commentators, not announcers reading details. Must be supported as well as used by BBC forecasting services.

  16. marilyn Dees UNITED KINGDOM

    The understands British weather better than New Zealand or anyone else.

  17. Diana Medland UNITED STATES

    The Met Office provide a good service to the BBC, so keep it! Please!


    Whilst I agree the BBC should be making savings, removing a contract valued at over 10% of the Met Office turnover will do more harm than good to the public purse.

  19. J Hennessy UNITED KINGDOM

    Where else ca you get an up to date forecast apart from the Met Office?

  20. Heather Worrall

    Please keep the weather forecast service for th British Isles IN the British Isles. It makes no sense at all to move it.

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