Weather Contract With The Met Office

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Created August 23, 2015 by f e sharpe


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  1. Andy Lamble

    The bbc should keep its contract with the met office after all we are the customers who pay every year for the service, not only that all the presenters’ do a fist class job which you will not get anywhere else, just look at the weather presenting on itv shall say no more…

  2. Christopher Prance

    Should be kept home based. It would be a pity to lose an excellent service.

  3. Fred Baker

    I cannot understand why the BBC would not want their weather information from the UK’s Met Office, who are surely the best people to provide such details.

  4. Valerie Spencer UNITED KINGDOM

    The Met. Office do a tremendous job . U.K. weather forecast should be kept in the U.K.

  5. Rosemary Protheroe UNITED KINGDOM

    No one does weather like the British!

  6. Julian Allen UNITED KINGDOM

    We need the Met office and it has to be funded. We need the BBC and it has to be funded. When BBC funding is being considered the amount it has to pay the Met office is in that funding. Having the BBC paying another provider for weather data doesn’t save money, it costs us money, and if the BBC changes it deserves to have it’s funding cut.

  7. Marie Kershaw UNITED KINGDOM

    The Met Office have always done a brilliant job so why change something that’s not broken.

  8. John Broughton UNITED KINGDOM

    Reliable,proved and tested. Non-commercial.

  9. Stephen Myers

    Why the need for change? Surely everything can’t be about money. Why take the job away from the experts?

  10. Robert binns UNITED KINGDOM

    Yet another example of the government dogma that the private sector can do better than the public.if you pay less you get a poorer service. Your met office provides a good public service


    Met office doing a great job. Weather forecasts very important to me and I do not want this British Institution outsourced to overseas provider.

  12. Ray Appleby UNITED KINGDOM

    I believe the existing contract with The Met Office delivers the best value for money in the near and long term.
    Any change to a new provider will incur hidden costs.
    If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

  13. Harry Townsend

    UK weather forecasting should be done by Met. Office they do a very good job. We don’t want another provided from outside UK.

  14. Chris Faulknall

    I love the presentation of weather charts by Met Office on BBC. Please don’t give contract to another provider.

  15. heather appleby UNITED KINGDOM

    The existing arrangement provides a high quality, cost effective service from the best provider.

  16. e.jane galloway

    local forecasts are very accurate and I trust the meteorological office in Exeter more than a foreign company

  17. e.jane galloway

    local forecasts are usually accurate and I trust the bbc weather people based in the meteorological office in Exeter

  18. Ian McKenzie-Edwards

    I believe the present service to be accurate and well presented. Who understands our British weather better than a home based organisation .Particularly one with its headquarters here in Devon.I do not believe the same accuracy of interpretation would be achieved by an external agency.

  19. Clive Whincup UNITED KINGDOM

    Most reliable and informative forecaster

  20. Pauline Whincup UNITED KINGDOM

    Best and most reliable forecaster

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