Weather Contract With The Met Office

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Created August 23, 2015 by f e sharpe


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  1. Roderick Starksfield UNITED KINGDOM

    A quality service from the Met Office

  2. Mr Roy Quarrell UNITED KINGDOM

    The Met .Office has an unrivalled service in this country based on continuous research
    and is an acknowledged national service . One would expect our paramount British
    Broadcaster to utilise this existing service automatically.
    (As a former aviator I cherish both the BBC and the Meteorological Office Services)

  3. Roy Quarrell UNITED KINGDOM

    As stated

  4. Yvonne Hill UNITED KINGDOM

    The BBC should retain its contract with the met office,as the way it’s going the BBC soon won’t have anything left.

  5. Desmond Richardson UNITED KINGDOM

    The BBC has lost most of its sports coverage (particularly motor sport) and will soon just have world news and football.Therefore it will not be worth the licence fee we are forced to pay for this ever decreasing channel.

  6. Shirley Fieldhouse UNITED KINGDOM

    I cannot believe that another company could provide a better service than the Met. Office.


    If it works, leave it alone

  8. Julie Langford UNITED KINGDOM

    Before long the bbc won`t have anything left and should keep the weather forcast

  9. Janet Fishpoole UNITED KINGDOM

    We value the weather forecast on the BBC , from the Met Office, as it is . It is world renowned and fully respected. It would be a very sad day to lose it . Unthinkable in my opinion. This looks to be just a cost cutting exercise , but this would be too precious to lose . It is not feasible that it could be improved upon under different management. The BBC viewers and listeners are having to tolerate the lower standard of programmes as it is , don’t take the Met Office from us as well. Of the different weather forecasts I’ve seen on other TV channels , they are pathetic in my view.

  10. Beverley Worland UNITED KINGDOM

    The Met. Office is worth it.

  11. Liz Dockerill UNITED KINGDOM

    BBC weather forecasting through the Met Office has got better and better over the years. Who else could provide such a service to the United Kingdom so why get rid of something which is performing so well?

  12. Rosemary Maguire

    good quality service

  13. Susan Williamson UNITED KINGDOM

    the only one I can rely on.especially regional and local weather.

  14. Rosita Stewart

    Why change when the BBC gives such a top quality service.

  15. Rosita Stewart UNITED KINGDOM

    The BBC gives a first class weather report service – why change?

  16. Rosita Stewart UNITED KINGDOM

    We have a first class service – why change?

  17. Ian glendinning UNITED KINGDOM

    Why change the met office do a first class job on local tv and radio

  18. Jackie Blewett UNITED KINGDOM

    I trust the met office to give the most accurate forecast.

  19. Rob Giles UNITED KINGDOM

    Great service – needs to be retained.

  20. Robert holloway

    Apart from removing another piece of our heritage I totally rely on the forecast to forward plan without the inconvenience of searching online. Another case of a valued service being taken away but the BBC STILL GRAB OUR LICENCE FEE.


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