Weather Contract With The Met Office

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Created August 23, 2015 by f e sharpe


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  1. J. Boswell UNITED KINGDOM

    A UK based organisation should be continuing to supply the BBC with weather forecasts. The Met Office do the best possible job and I would not trust a forecast from any other source.

  2. Edith Esam

    The met office does a good job no need for change.

  3. robert bunney UNITED STATES

    We need to keep crucial expertise in Government agencies. No to yet more creeping privatisation. They do a good job.

  4. p. priscott

    we should not lose this excellent service.


    The weather forecast should remain with the met office

  6. adrian kelly UNITED KINGDOM

    Why fix something that is not broken, the met office and bbc have been doing a grand job

  7. s lane UNITED KINGDOM

    vitally important to many people to have the weather on bbc as to a lot of people its their main source of finding out forecasts

  8. R. Underwood UNITED KINGDOM

    Why abandon the best weather forecasting in the world for a lesser service. I’d rather get rid of the BBC licence fee.


    U.K. Weather forecasting should be kept within the Uk. Met Office do a good job.

  10. David Gudgeon UNITED KINGDOM

    Britiains met office is the most accurate in the world.

  11. J.K.Andrews UNITED KINGDOM

    BBC has worldwide reputation for high standards of information. The Met Office researches the best possible weather information and this is presented in some detail by highly qualified meteorologists. To lose this would be a very retrograde step. And what about the shipping forecast?

  12. Edith Esam

    The Met office is very good why change .

  13. Maria Fernandes UNITED STATES

    Keep weather forecast contract with the Met Office

  14. Jo Haigh

    Met Office supplies reliable high quality forecasts synonymous with the quality you would expect from the BBC. Let’s not go down the path once again of giving the service to a low cost low quality bidder like lots of our services, just for the sake of saving money.

  15. D Tomkins UNITED KINGDOM

    why throw over a first class, world renowned service just for the sake of change – idiotic.

  16. simon pope UNITED KINGDOM

    Weather from the met office mirrors the english peoples attitude to weather
    why change something when it works

  17. Anthony Breckon UNITED KINGDOM

    I’m very happy with the service as it is

  18. Anthony Breckon UNITED KINGDOM

    I’m very happy with the service as it is so please don’t change it

  19. Guy Sutton UNITED KINGDOM

    Keep the excellent link between the BBC and the Met Office. Our weather forecasts should be from within the U K.

  20. Mrs Annette Wetherell

    BBC -Please keep the weather forecasting with the Met Office

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