Weather Contract With The Met Office

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Created August 23, 2015 by f e sharpe


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    please keep the weather british and accurate , as it is with the bbc now


    please keep the weather forecast british and accurate, as it is with the bbc now

  3. Miss.S.Miller GERMANY

    We need to keep all things British.x


    There could not be a better service.

  5. a nesbit UNITED KINGDOM

    best forcasting there is

  6. d.howell GERMANY

    bbc should keep an excellent service .get rid of it’ rubbish celebrity programmes

  7. Alan Carter

    Keep British enterprise by patronising everything British .

  8. Fred Dye

    This is a first class quality weather forecast service and should be retained as such.

  9. Gillian Dye

    The weather forecasting is first class and better than any alternatives I have ever seen.

  10. Philip Pegler

    Leave our weather alone as even different areas have a job to get it right

  11. John Spicer UNITED KINGDOM

    BBC – buy British! Oh and bin that stupid NZ graphical system you bought a few years ago!

  12. Philip Pegler

    Met office have always been good forcasters

  13. Mrs M Stead UNITED KINGDOM

    Not a habit, but a necessity.

  14. Lily L Hart UNITED KINGDOM

    Met office is the best

  15. Elaine Marillier

    BBC give a brilliant service. ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!’

  16. Mr & Mrs F & J Harland UNITED KINGDOM

    We cannot leave our vital weather resources to another country. We are in my opinion the best in the world let it remain so.

  17. i robertson UNITED KINGDOM

    Come on this is the best weather forecast we get!!

  18. Lesley Baker UNITED KINGDOM

    We do not want our weather supplied from outside the UK.

  19. Elaine Heeney

    i strongly believe the met office should continue to do our weather

  20. Mr & Mrs A Oliver UNITED KINGDOM

    Sure not a weather forecast from Brussels what next!!!! We get trod on by the EU, lets continue as we have for many years, long continue the BBC Weather

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