Micro Men to be released to BluRay and DVD

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Created February 14, 2011 by Mark


The BBC documentary "Micro Men" was an enjoyable comedy drama describing the rivalry between both Sinclair and Acorn in the early 80's. There are no plans for this to be released on Blu-Ray or DVD. This petition has been created to try and persuade the BBC to release this, along with any additional material for people who enjoyed this era, understanding the importance of the UK computer industry in shaping the PC market as it stands today.

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  1. archie cooper UNITED KINGDOM

    i really hope this gets to bluray as i would certainly buy it if it got released.this is a important documentary on this era,as i grew up in this period in the eighties.

  2. Richard Lancett

    Superb programme!

  3. Adrian L

    Really interested!

  4. Jack Thomas UNITED KINGDOM

    Well acted and a superb portrayal of the story of the rivalry of the two companies in the Eighties.

  5. Darren Cousins SPAIN

    Fantastic program. I get why it may not hit dvd or blu-Ray because of artwork, manufacturing, distribution and marketing costs but surely it’s a relatively easy thing to release it digitally on iTunes or whatever. I would certainly buy it in whatever medium it was released.

  6. Matthew Nicholson UNITED KINGDOM

    Would like to own a good quality copy.


    How is this not released?
    Awesome film.

  8. Jonah Naylor

    I also would love to own this on blu-ray. I collect computer related blu-rays!

  9. Mark Robson UNITED KINGDOM

    Given some of the rubbish that is released why not this excellent movie…

  10. Lee Kehrer UNITED KINGDOM

    Would love this in my collection. We deserve the right to own physical copies of things we enjoy and cherish to preserve for the future. As the era of streaming extends, lots of these things will eventually be lost.

  11. Richard Meert BELGIUM

    We see to learn, like we learn to see.

  12. Corey DeWalt UNITED STATES

    I’d love to own this film

  13. Juan A. Martinez Canovas SPAIN

    I just love it

  14. Chris AUSTRALIA

    I dont care how late I am to the party, this film NEEDS to be on DVD. If not released, I’ll be forced to illegally download and burn my own copy, and design and print my own label, just so that this piece of nostalgic dramatization can sit among my collection.

  15. Klaus Jakobsen

    Would love to buy this blu-ray – just DVD, if nothing more happens.

  16. Triston Baker

    wonderful movie that deserves to stand next to the two Steve jobs movies

  17. Jarek Ka

    Definitely must be released on Blue Ray. With Polish subtitles – would be great!

  18. Mark Jones UNITED KINGDOM

    Great documentary. Please do it!

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