Micro Men to be released to BluRay and DVD

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Created February 14, 2011 by Mark


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  1. adam jeffels malton UNITED KINGDOM
  2. Matt Brown Aldershot UNITED KINGDOM
  3. James Burke UNITED KINGDOM

    Loved it, please release :)

  4. Martin George Wolverhampton UNITED KINGDOM

    It's a crying shame this gem isn't available to buy. Someone has gone to the trouble of creating a wikipedia page for it and there is an imdb entry for it so there seems to be sufficient interest out there. Come on BBC!

  5. Richard Russell Downham Market UNITED KINGDOM
  6. Mark Riker Dartford UNITED KINGDOM

    Watching this film brought it all back to me as my first computer was the ZX81 ahh and so it began my lifetime Love affair with computers.

  7. Derek Tate Nuneaton UNITED KINGDOM

    I would love "Micro Men" to be released on DVD/Blu-rat. It was an excellent drama – very well acted and captured the era really well. Please include extras!

  8. Murray Colpman Goodworth Clatford, Andover UNITED KINGDOM

    Watch a very low-res iPlayer rip at least once a month – would happily buy the BD or DVD version should it be released.

  9. Saul Metzstein Glasgow UNITED KINGDOM
  10. Aldo Palumbo Glasgow UNITED KINGDOM
  11. Julia Boswell Glasgow UNITED KINGDOM
  12. Toni Bonner Glasgow UNITED KINGDOM
  13. Ellis Woodman London UNITED KINGDOM
  14. Darren Brooks Herne Bay UNITED KINGDOM

    Would love to be able to share this with my ICT classes at school

  15. Timo Paul Gerrards Cross JAPAN
  16. sean chambers west bromwich UNITED KINGDOM

    fantastic look into the first home computer and the boom and bust of the computer market for british manufacturers.

  17. Nick Holmes Plymouth UNITED KINGDOM

    This documentary was fantastic, would love to see it again, and would be even better in HD.

  18. James Lawler London UNITED KINGDOM

    I think it would be quite fitting to have this released on DVD as it was the ZX81's 30th birthday yesterday, and it's the ZX Spectrum's 30th next year.
    BBC, get it released!

  19. Alec Williams-Murray Epping UNITED KINGDOM

    Please release this to DVD with good extras, including some games.

  20. Ewen Kirk Humbie UNITED KINGDOM
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