Micro Men to be released to BluRay and DVD

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Created February 14, 2011 by Mark


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  1. Robert Houghton UNITED KINGDOM

    it was a fantastic original drama which was a great reflection of the time.

  2. Matthew Dunn UNITED KINGDOM

    Great story

  3. Fredrik Liljegren UNITED KINGDOM

    I would gladly buy it so I can watch it whenever I want to.


    my dad worked with chris curry at acorn amongst other companies. he would love to see this. I did and would love to see it again

  5. Alan Salmon UNITED KINGDOM

    I grew up with the zx81/spectrum; I worshiped Clive Sinclair

  6. Paul Fletcher

    Please Beeb! You bought the Acorn Proton (BBC Micro) to the masses, let us Proton fans enjoy such a high quality (if not 100% correct) journal of a time when the UK was still at the top of the computer industry. For all Acorn or Sinclair fans everywhere this should be a “must view” so come on BBC let us add this work to our collections with an official copy and not just a recording on an ageing TV HD recorder taking from a re-run.

  7. peter croston UNITED KINGDOM

    Micro Men is a great film and one I have watched more than once and intend to watch again. This needs to be on DVD/Bluray so more people can see it.

  9. Michael Brooks UNITED KINGDOM

    Nostalgia’s not what it used to be. ;o)

  10. Andy Chesters

    it is a fantastic documentary/drama and my brothers and I love it…

  11. Paul Soulsby GERMANY

    I want it for Xmas!!!

  12. Jason Lessiter UNITED KINGDOM
  13. John Macwillson UNITED KINGDOM

    This was such an interesting & amusing drama it deserves to be put on to disc for future generations.

  14. Mark Shepherdson UNITED KINGDOM

    This program was simply brilliant

  15. Jonathan Peach UNITED KINGDOM

    10 CLS
    20 PRINT “Micro men is not only a great stand alone comedy drama, but is also indispensable to those who have an interest or remember this fantastic period of computer history. I would buy two copies straight away!”
    30 GOTO 20

  16. Kai Schuetz UNITED STATES

    I really enjoyed watching the movie. I would instantly buy it on DVD to show all my friends. Why oh why can’t I legally buy it ???

  17. Neil Beadle NETHERLANDS

    It was an excellent BBC programme that a lot of people still talk about in the Retro computer forums. Maybe the BBC could fill the discs with the computer show that the BBC micro was made for.

  18. Owen Rymer UNITED KINGDOM

    Please add to google play or dvd as I would like to re watch this brilliant show.

  19. Rui Inácio PORTUGAL

    Very interesting movie that I would certainly buy.

  20. darren cousins

    this was a great piece of tv. Cant figure out why the BBC would not at least make this available in HD via iplayer UNLESS they had plans to release it on dvd etc. Would be happy to pay for this via iTunes in HD…

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