Micro Men to be released to BluRay and DVD

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Created February 14, 2011 by Mark


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  1. Mark Jones Cheltenham UNITED KINGDOM

    Yes please, especially on Blu-Ray!

  2. Darren Doyle Coolock
  3. Henry McGuinness UNITED KINGDOM

    Superb film. Big on Twitter at the time I recall. Sure it would sell well

  4. Steve Williams Waterlooville UNITED KINGDOM
  5. chris smith buckingham UNITED KINGDOM

    One of best BBC productions ever


    This was a brilliant little program that me AND the missus enjoyed. It was clever, funny, informative, nail biting and heart warming all at the same time….. PLEASE GIVE THIS A RELEASE!

  7. Richard Stephenson Hillingdon UNITED KINGDOM

    What a fantastic documentary. It brought back so many fond memories of growing up as a proud spectrum owner/programmer. Ah what great days..I want to go back…please bring it out on DVD it would make an excellent present for so many people who have missed out first time round.

  8. Martin Anderson Galway

    Would love to see this released on DVD. This needs to be made available to a wider audience!

  9. Paul Vernon N/A UNITED KINGDOM
  10. Mark Rawson Bolton
  11. Drew Buddie Rickmansworth UNITED KINGDOM
  12. Max Hall Sheffield UNITED KINGDOM

    Please release on DVD!

  13. Andy Taylor Peterborough UNITED KINGDOM

    Awesome program. Well worth releasing on DVD, especially for people outside of the UK who could not watch on TV.

  14. Blake Patterson Alexandria, VA USA UNITED STATES


  15. Alec Stevens UNITED KINGDOM
  16. Richard Gellman Portsmouth UNITED KINGDOM
  17. Matt Forbes Southsea GERMANY

    A very good filmumentary – would be great to watch it as and when I want, rather than waiting for the re-re-re-re-runs on BBC4!

  18. anthony foulkes stone UNITED KINGDOM
  19. Martin Wareham UNITED KINGDOM
  20. James Randall Bedford UNITED KINGDOM

    Excellent film, absolutely should be released on Bluray or, since us TV tax, sorry I mean license payers, paid for it to be made, put up for free download.

    It absolutely should not be allowed to wallow in some vault.

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