Micro Men to be released to BluRay and DVD

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Created February 14, 2011 by Mark


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  1. John Jones GERMANY

    Great show, which needs to be in my DVD collection and not in some dusty BBC archive.

  2. Duncan Nobes

    Have told many people about this excellent documentary. Hope there is enough momentum to release it.

  3. Dave Bisping UNITED KINGDOM

    Would love to see this get a proper release, brings back great memories

  4. Jack Herron UNITED KINGDOM

    Thankfully for myself and anybody who wants a copy I made a full quality DVD recording of MicroMen on its first transmission. I thought I might need it, well done BBC…

  5. Carolyn Gavin UNITED KINGDOM

    Would love to add this bit of history to my DVD collection. Really enjoyed it when it was on TV

  6. Andrew Lovatt UNITED KINGDOM

    Want to see it!

  7. James Grainger UNITED KINGDOM

    Please release on Blu ray!!

  8. Dave Daley UNITED KINGDOM

    release it. Its great

  9. Martin George UNITED KINGDOM

    Come on BBC, this was a first class bit of comedy writing about what is now a very topical subject with the launch of the Raspberry Pi. It could even be used as a teaching aid ;).

  10. Jamel Tayeb

    I would be interested even in the DVD or some iTunes version.

  11. Paul Emerton UNITED KINGDOM

    This is a brilliant documentary of a very important period – and considering many other BBC titles available – this should be one. I would buy this on BluRay.

  12. David Maddox UNITED KINGDOM

    I missed seeing the whole of Micro Men – would love to see it on DVD.

  13. Richard Tilford UNITED KINGDOM

    This is very well done documentary, i was shocked when I could not buy it on DVD. It beggers belief that its not on DVD! I would love to give you money again for it. Please make it available!!!!

  14. Roger Kirby UNITED KINGDOM

    The Sinclair Z80 and then the BBC Micro are what started my career in IT. I missed this drama and would love the opportunity to see it. Perhaps the BBC could make it available on iPlayer again

  15. Michelle Knight UNITED KINGDOM


  16. Carl Durrell UNITED KINGDOM

    I would also like to buy Micro men on DVD, my first ever computer I used was a BBC Micro model B Computer and this bring back memory’s.

  17. Antonio UNITED KINGDOM

    Enjoyable film, please release it on Bluray

  18. Harry Medlock UNITED KINGDOM

    I did not see the program but it sounds fascinating

  19. darren cousins UNITED KINGDOM

    Please either put this back on iplayer or release in HD. Love it

  20. Steven Robinson

    its an excellent reflection of the time, my youth on film, awesome

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