Micro Men to be released to BluRay and DVD

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Created February 14, 2011 by Mark


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  1. Tommy little UNITED KINGDOM

    Release this ASAP

  2. Chris Kendall UNITED KINGDOM

    Blu Ray please. Best TV in a long time.


    I really want to buy this.

  4. Rich Daley UNITED KINGDOM

    I loved this film and it’s a huge shame it was never released on DVD.

  5. Malcolm Butler UNITED KINGDOM

    This would make the perfect birthday/Christmas present for my father, who was heavily involved in the events depicted in Micro Men.

  6. Colin

    Excellent bit of TV. Would definitely purchase

  7. Ashley Revell UNITED KINGDOM

    Great movie.

  8. Gareth O'Hare

    This was a great movie, I assumed it was available to buy, thats what I was looking for tonight. I’m a teacher and it would be a great resource for a past-present-future ICT assignment my A’Level kids are doing now

  9. Michael Hrywniak UNITED KINGDOM

    very informative and entertaining drama. Pull your finger out BBC. Make it available for purchase.

  10. Chris Ferrell UNITED KINGDOM

    God knows i’ve tried to find a high def copy online!

  11. David McKeever UNITED KINGDOM

    A great piece of TV telling an important story from an exciting time in home computer development. I always wanted a BBC micro but could only afford a Spectrum :(

    BBC, give us this programme on disc …please.

  12. Paul Soulsby UNITED KINGDOM

    Yes please!

  13. Jonathan Purcell UNITED KINGDOM

    Totally brilliant dramedy that should have started a series of rivalry dramedies with i.e Sony vs Nintendo, Steve Jobs vs John Sculley, Commodore vs Amiga etc

  14. Emma Morgan UNITED KINGDOM

    Need this to be released. Now. Even my 9 year old son loved it…..

  15. richard hemmings UNITED KINGDOM

    fantastic piece of drama and comedy, The acting from Martin Freeman and Alexandra Armstrong did the the show justice.

    It was fantastic to see how us Britants actually got into the history books in the world of technology and how people like Clive Sinclair and Chris Curry rised then fell and rose again

    BBC listen to us and get in on DVD and Bluray ASAP pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee

  16. michael UNITED KINGDOM



    Come on BBC! If the likes of drivel such as Waterloo Road can get endless series at least give proper drama fans something back!

  18. Hywel Evans SINGAPORE

    Must be released – a piece of TV genius not to be so lightly discarded

  19. Lord Barrington UNITED KINGDOM

    This is what I pay my license fee for, amazing stuff.

    Meet me in the rolls……..

  20. Mario Sanchez UNITED KINGDOM

    Come on!! There is obviously a market for this.

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