Micro Men to be released to BluRay and DVD

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Created February 14, 2011 by Mark


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  1. Nicholas Ball castleford UNITED KINGDOM

    This film is a record of a unique moment in British history. It features some of the most important figures in British technological innovation, the like of which was not seen again until James Dyson.

  2. Earl Dallas Coventry UNITED KINGDOM
  3. Stuart Hannah Leicester UNITED KINGDOM

    This was a superb programme and although I have it on DVD recorded from its transmission I would love a commercial release, maybe including the full/original BBC programmes, who's clips were used or replicated in the show.


    ita a cracking film lets get it on DVD!

  5. Kathryn Hayfield Chorley UNITED KINGDOM

    My boyfriend wants this show on DVD and his birthday is coming up. It would be the perfect present…

  6. George Coombs Colwyn Bay UNITED KINGDOM

    A great show and it's a real shame its not available to watch again.

  7. Thomas Turner Stoke-on-Trent UNITED KINGDOM
  8. ron hylands UNITED KINGDOM

    Please release this and let me buy this one! its amazing and brilliant in that this film has captured one of the most pivital times in the computing world.

  9. james braselton UNITED STATES

    hi there never saw micro men movie and i bought a nintendo 3ds with no glasses 3d movie player built in please if you make or release this movie make a specail 3d 3ds version as well as dvd and blu-ray disc becuase 4 million or 4,000,000 3ds have bult in 3d movie player and nintendo has not released any 3d movies and would look alwsoume in glassses free 3d screen

  10. Alex Aris UNITED KINGDOM

    The Beeb are missing out on a franchise here or have they got other plans for it ?

  11. chris smith UNITED KINGDOM

    Absolutely superb on so many levels!

  12. Neil Ward UNITED KINGDOM

    It was a great production PLEASE release it on dvd !!


    Very good nostalgic programme. DVD Please!

  14. Mark Cardy UNITED KINGDOM

    Micro-Men really enlightened me to how things was back in the early years of personal computing. i owned a ZX81 followed by a BBC B. The BBC was faster than any of the business computers, and I thought they would go onto ruling all computers. it’s Sad how things turned out. If only Clive and Chris had of got together.

  15. Mark Cardy UNITED KINGDOM

    I really Loved this Film. It showed me what went on in the early years of the personal computing world. I Owned a ZX81 followed by a BBC B. I thought it was so good, and the speed and graphics was so far in front of the rest. i thought the BBC would have ruled the world, it’s such a pity Clive & Chris never got together and conquered.

  16. Jessica Smith UNITED KINGDOM

    I really loved this film, and I’d love to be able to buy it on a disc, especially (but not necessarily) as a box set with the rest of the Electric Revolution Season.

  17. Tim Webber UNITED KINGDOM

    Great documentary. One to keep if only it could be bought on DVD

  18. S D Coombes

    An excellent production, with educational value. Please make a DVD available.

  19. Gavin Wakeford IRELAND

    Yes what a great idea it was such fun to watch. A must be to made as DVD and blue ray.


    Had the ZX80/ZX81 then the Speccy 48k then the Amiga. I still prefer coding on these machines to a PC anyday. Z80 assembler was nice to write programs in. Although M68K was my overall favourite :) Miss the Amiga demoscene :(

    Please release the DVD!!!!

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