Micro Men to be released to BluRay and DVD

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Created February 14, 2011 by Mark


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  1. Richard Chandler Aylesbury UNITED KINGDOM
  2. Jarrod Bentley Stoke-on-Trent UNITED KINGDOM

    I would to see this excellent drama/documentary

    loads of extras please, interviews, history of etc

    perhaps some stuff to do with the ferranti ula as well, clones, hardware licences

    what Amstrad did with the machine after their buy out etc

    some interviews with luminaries of the modern speccy scene

    Philip Kendall, Andrew Owen, Chris Smith, Dylan Smith etc for a modern take on what has been done with the speccy since the end of it's commercial life

    (try world of spectrum)

  3. Ignacio Prini Algeciras SPAIN

    I totally agree with this petition and would be really enjoyable to have a legal copy of this comic-drama documentary, as well as I'm a complete fan of Sinclair computers.

  4. Carl Murray Warrington UNITED KINGDOM

    This film is based on an important time in the history of home computing, and should be made available on DVD for everyone.

  5. Stuart Buckland Maidstone UNITED KINGDOM

    This TV programme *needs* to be released on DVD. It was such an excellent bit of entertainment, I don't want to have to leave it on my V+ Box forever!

  6. Melissa Ward Southampton

    With the 30th anniversary of the Sinclair ZX Spectrum just around the corner it would be the ideal time for the BBC to release this fantastic docu-drama on DVD/Blu Ray. It would also be nice for them to include historical news and educational material from shows back in the 80’s… maybe even a nice, in depth documentary to boot. Would be a financial winner for the BBC and I seriously hope they consider it. I would certainly buy a copy on launch day.

  7. Stephen Hammond Maldon UNITED KINGDOM
  8. Matty Horsley UNITED KINGDOM
  9. natalie Murphy Southampton UNITED KINGDOM

    DO IT

  10. Andrew Scott Rhondda Cynon Taff UNITED KINGDOM

    I love this film and why not a DVD. I wish the BBC would allow us to order and press on demand any program they broadcast.

  11. Craig Morris Cardiff UNITED KINGDOM
  12. Chris Jones Southampton
  13. Christopher Hoult Portlaoise IRELAND

    Please release Micro Men as a DVD.

  14. Matthew Lambert Bedford UNITED KINGDOM

    Great idea to get this commercially released so it doesn't vanish into obscurity.

  15. alan alton UK UNITED KINGDOM

    Free (jet set) Willy
    Micro Men to BR & DVD

  16. Phil Lai wakefield

    Please bring this fantastic show to blu ray and DVD please!!!!!

  17. Jo Holbourn Swindon UNITED KINGDOM
  18. Adam Watts Kingston UNITED KINGDOM

    This was a great programme and I really hope that this petition is successful.

  19. Michael Hrywniak London UNITED KINGDOM

    I would definitely buy a copy of the DVD and not just because I appearted in it as an extra. I thought it was an excellent film and I'm sure it would be popular

  20. Des Jakusz Hamilton UNITED KINGDOM

    I would love Micro Men to be released on DVD or BluRay. It brought back so many fond memories of the Acorn and RISC OS. I still have my RISC PC, both at home and also some still at my work ( I'm a school teacher ).

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