Reinstate Collection Crates For Animal Charities Instore

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Created February 10, 2016 by Lizzy Rinder

Animal Welfare

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  1. Lizzy Rinder

    The charities don’t need and can’t afford to spend more money on food!!

  2. Archie Caine UNITED KINGDOM

    Keep the cat food things!

  3. Annmarie Pritchett UNITED KINGDOM

    Please change decision and reinstate collection baskets instore ASAP to stop the detrimental impact to our local cat heroes.

  4. Janine Brooks UNITED KINGDOM

    A simple, established and successful method of donating to local animal charities, please bring the baskets back.

  5. Helen Packer UNITED KINGDOM

    We adopted two kittens from the shelter. They do a fantastic job and deserve the support!

  6. Janine Brooks UNITED KINGDOM

    Bring the baskets back. An effective and simple way of making a small donation withbease to shelters doing great work with few funds.

  7. Hollie Paige Mather UNITED KINGDOM

    The collection baskets at Asda provide a large chunk of local cat shelters food. The more they struggle with things such as food for the cats, the fewer cats can be helped in the long run. I won’t be shopping with Asda again anytime soon.

  8. Sharan Gorringe UNITED KINGDOM

    These cats and the lovely careing people that run “City Cats Shelter” rely on the kindness of people to donate. Without the opotunity to donate to this cause,cats would most certainly suffer.

  9. Hayley Reohorn UNITED KINGDOM

    Charities need help. Please do not snub them.

  10. Lee Parker UNITED KINGDOM

    These charities need help with funding and i cant believe you (Asda) have removed them from your store. It costs alot to keep these charities running and to do the amazing job that these guys do.

  11. Marian burford

    Any food donated is very much needed for this cat shelter. Do not remove bin from asda.thanks.

  12. Helen berry UNITED KINGDOM

    The charity is a local one to the store it I’ll have to pay out more money for food without the collection points in sore for the charity,

  13. Dee Groucutt UNITED KINGDOM

    It gives a valuable donation site for those who may not be able to donate any other way

  14. annette dickens UNITED KINGDOM

    the shelter needs all donations they can get .


    Local independent charities for cats rely on the donations of food at big supermarkets like ASDA. I don’t understand why ASDA would stop allowing their customers from having the choice to donate food for these charities that desperately need any extra help however small


    Cats need food!

  17. Becky McClane UNITED KINGDOM

    These small animal charities rely on these donations and it doesn’t cost ASDA anything as they donations are gifts from customers. Why would you take them away? Heartless. This has ruined my opinion of ASDA and I won’t be going there again.

  18. Nicki Day-Garman

    Small local charities depend on the generosity of others..Asda you can make a difference…dont take this away or the difference could harm the goodwill of your regulars donating…

  19. Jane Platford UNITED KINGDOM

    ECity Cat Shelter and other Cat rescue charities rely on the donation crates in Asda which they are discontinuing in Brighton and Hove stores. The money raised pays the vet’s bills for their neutering and rescue work. Our Ed would still be a beaten up tom on the streets of Woodingdean were it not for City Cats and their marvellous work.

  20. Tracey Stripp UNITED KINGDOM

    Local businesses should help local charities.

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