Reinstate Collection Crates For Animal Charities Instore

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Created February 10, 2016 by Lizzy Rinder

Animal Welfare

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  1. Marian Parke UNITED KINGDOM

    Please reinstate this valuable resource


    This charity does wonderful work and a large business like Asda should be showing commitment to its CSR.

    I am appalled that the donation area has been moved to better customer experience. I’ve been there many times and this small and discrete donation area makes no difference. Although by having it there – it makes a BIG difference to the charity.

  3. sam lee UNITED KINGDOM

    please reinstate

  4. Nicky Bagilhole UNITED KINGDOM

    Bring back cat food collections for the local shelters please Asda!

  5. simone spencer-bourne

    This really needs to stay, these shelters need are help


    Please bring back the collection points

  7. Stephanie Hedger

    Cat shelters rely on donations to feed rescued cats and kittens.

  8. Linda Parris UNITED KINGDOM

    These donations made by the public are necessary for the cat shelters to continue with all their good works. Donated food frees up money for vet fees which are essential to control breeding and good health before re-homing. Please reinstate the cages ASAP.


    City cat shelter and others like them do a wonderful job caring for many lost and unwanted pets. I understand the food you have previously allowed to be collected in store has meant they had £30 pw more used towards neutering costs and emergency vet fees instead. There doesn’t seem to be a good business reason for removing this facility and in actual fact could alienate some of your existing customers. Please reconsider.


    Please reinstate these collections, they are needed

  11. Gemma Harman UNITED KINGDOM

    Please continue to support this worthy charity.

  12. maria UNITED KINGDOM

    wet and cold they are found at all ages all breeds and in all conditions, one minute kittens are suckling from mum and then find themselves in a cardboard box, dumped somewhere in the cold and rain, what would happen if there was no one to help the thousands of little sad kittens and cats, it cant cost asda anything for the baskets to be there, if so and its the reason then i will pay for one for my local store, it makes me mad as this also must give asda more money as we but the cat food so we can donate it, your weekly takings will be down now wont they. come on where is your hearts gone.



  14. Lynda Finnis UNITED KINGDOM

    Local cat charities do marvelous work and the food donated in the collection bins goes a long way in helping with this. Please reconsider this decision and reinstate these crates.

  15. Jonathan Meacock GERMANY

    Sad that Asda have decided to remove something which makes no difference to them but all the difference to helpless cats

  16. Corry Shaw UNITED KINGDOM

    Please reconsider your decision to remove the crates. These are local, hardworking charities that are loved by countless people, EVERY LITTLE HELPS them. Please don’t take this away from them

  17. Lois Zoppi UNITED KINGDOM

    Help out the kitties!!

  18. Pat Brown UNITED KINGDOM

    This is a small charity,and they need all the help they can get,pease install,the cages ASAP,I shop at ASDA,and spend nearly £200.00 per week I will start shopping elsewhere,if the cages are not reinstated.

  19. Cair Going UNITED KINGDOM

    These collection points are a valuable resource and are necessary to help feed the animals. Removing them also puts a significant financial strain on a small charity who often have large vets bills which need to be paid. Please reconsider your decision and reinstate these collection points.

  20. Jo Grievson UNITED KINGDOM

    Please reconsider Asda. This does no harm to your profits & makes some lovely furry cats happy

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