Reinstate Collection Crates For Animal Charities Instore

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Created February 10, 2016 by Lizzy Rinder

Animal Welfare

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  1. Tamara wilkins

    Why, it doesn’t make sense. ….this was great for local stores to do their bit for caring in their community…..I’m not going there anymore, WAITROSE do this and their own brands are just as competetive

  2. Janet Going UNITED KINGDOM

    I think Asda have underestimated the amount of feeling involved. I am not shopping there and I know some of my friends will be going elsewhere. Shame, as I genuinely thought they were a good company and i have shopped there since they opened our local store.
    I also find their logic skewed as well as there is an unattended Breast Cancer book stall still operating.

  3. Chrissy Welsh UNITED KINGDOM

    What on earth kind of decision is this by Asda? I don’t shop at this store but if I did, on view of this decision, I would boycott their stores forever more. This is insane, mean and totally uncharitable……..Boo! Hiss!


    I can’t believe this! How utterly mean, how uncharitable, how nasty!! I will not step foot inside any of their stores, I hope other people follow suit!


    Disgusted….appalled…..not a penny of mine will ever be spent in any Asda store unless they reverse their mean uncharitable decision with immediate effect.


    Now shop at Tesco in Rawtenstall – Bleakholt Charity Box in the foyer.

  7. Julie tabone UNITED KINGDOM

    Terrible decision, I thought asda pipes itself on supporting the community. …..clearly not! I will complete my weekly shop else where!


    Please do review your position on this. As a major supermarket in the area you should be demonstrating support for things that matter to the local community which keep you in business. You have an opportunity here to make a wrong a right so do take another look.

  9. Esin Yavuz Behuret UNITED KINGDOM

    Charities could not survive if we don’t support them. I won’t buy from Asda until they put back the donation crates.

  10. Mel Jones UNITED KINGDOM

    Disgusting. Clearly have no idea or care about how important this is. Have already stopped shopping here.

  11. Eva Hellqvist UNITED KINGDOM

    Please ASDA reinstall the Animal Collection Crates for charities…otherwise I and many other customer will shop elsewhere.

  12. Jane Platford UNITED KINGDOM

    Let the community continue to help CCS and other worthy charities at all ASDA supermarkets. Charities rely on donations. The public want to help.

  13. Liz Hazlewood UNITED KINGDOM

    I thought better of you Asda! What harm does a cat food donation bin do? It sits there as quiet as a mouse, hoping some very kind people will notice it and help the charity carry on doing their AMAZING work! SHAME ON YOU ASDA!!!

  14. Andy Ogden UNITED KINGDOM

    And the point of removing the cat food donation bin is ?…….ILLOGICAL! and totally cruel/unkind/selfish/disgusting and pathetic! Get your act together Asda, you bunch of mugwumps! Reinstate the bin!

  15. Andrew Ogden UNITED KINGDOM

    And the point of removing the cat food donation bin is ?. . . . .ILLOGICAL! Downright cruel/unkind/unfair and pathetic! You only have to read this petition to see how angry and upset you have made people!! Get your act together Asda, reinstate the bin- you bunch of mugwumps! I thought Americans were the epitome of JUSTICE!!!!

  16. Andrea Little

    Always support good animal charities

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