Reinstate Collection Crates For Animal Charities Instore

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Created February 10, 2016 by Lizzy Rinder

Animal Welfare

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    City Cat Shelter provides an excellent shelter and help for cats in Brighton and Hove. They rely on donations, and having a food bank is essential. I don’t see the need for this to be manned, most people donating know the excellent service they provide.

  2. Maria King UNITED KINGDOM

    Please Asda rethink. Our country love animals. So please don’t punish the felines.

  3. Ruth Ratner UNITED KINGDOM

    Feed the cats!

  4. Lauren Tarry UNITED KINGDOM

    Bring back vital support for local charities who have no help grim government and who rely on the kindness and generosity of donations

  5. Andrea McMillan

    I’ve already written to say I’ll be shopping elsewhere until the decision is undone – I know a lot of people are doing the same. I think Asda underestimates the amount of Asfa shopping, City Cat Shelter supporters there are. 15 years with no problems at all – it’s a travesty, it really is.

    Also, shame on Andy Clarke for getting his minion to respond with a very automated response.

  6. Andrea McMillan

    My money will be taken elsewhere – I think Asda have underestimated how many of it’ shoppers fervently support City Cat Shelter.

    Shame on Andy Clarke for getting his minion to respond with a clearly automated reply.

  7. Jane Day GERMANY

    City cat shelter are not government funded and need all the support

  8. Lisa GERMANY

    I can’t believe you are removing the donation bin! City Cat Shelter rely heavily on your kind customers donating cat food to help feed all the homeless cats in our community. I am disgusted with Asda, so much so that I won’t be shopping there ever again!

  9. abigail mclanahan UNITED KINGDOM

    It was working well providing vital food for a hardworking charity which relies on donations. Madness and unkind to change it
    Causing real stress.

  10. Nichola UNITED KINGDOM

    Shame on you ASDA! Bring back the kitty food collection boxes. Theses a small independent charities rely heavily on donations.

  11. Robert Semple UNITED KINGDOM

    These food crates are a vital means of support for some very worthy local animal charities, the work they do is never ending and sometimes thankless never the less they do it with a smile on their faces.


    The collection basket provides food for homeless cats and helps this Charuty stay afloat. Please reinstate.

  13. Nina Elgood UNITED KINGDOM

    This will have a big negative impact. Please change your minds! You know you can do it!

  14. Alison standing

    Please reinstate the cat food collection bin for City Cat Shelter.
    The small local (to you) charity needs all the help they can get from the public

  15. Rachel Gammons UNITED KINGDOM

    It’s a total disgrace that a VERY large international company can disadvantage a small VITAL charity like this. The collection basket is a vital need for CCS. Shame on ASDA. ASDA should put their hand in their profits and make regular LARGE donations to them!!!


    ASDA Have a heart. Bring back the collection points, they do so much good. They don’t need to be ‘manned’ as you claim, and the extra £2M you say will go to charity is nothing compared to the goodwill of your customers. You’re making them feel bad by this decision. An unhappy shopper goes elsewhere. And remember, the customer is ALWAYS right.

  17. Patrick Cain

    Shame on you Asda.

  18. lex musktett UNITED KINGDOM


  19. sue spencer UNITED KINGDOM

    This shelter provides a vital service to Brighton cats and relies solely on donations. Removing your donation bin will mean less cats can be helped. Please re consider

  20. Amber Jubb UNITED KINGDOM

    This is a great way of pricing out smaller charities. Insane.

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