Reinstate Collection Crates For Animal Charities Instore

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Created February 10, 2016 by Lizzy Rinder

Animal Welfare

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    Makes it so much easier for people to donate towards an extremely good cause

  2. Julie Darnbrough UNITED KINGDOM

    very disappointed with ASDA urge them to re-instate these collection points.

  3. Sarah Hill UNITED KINGDOM

    Discussing behaviour from such a large company! So happy I don’t shop there very often!

  4. Ruth Lindsay UNITED KINGDOM

    These cat charities run purely on donations and the food collected at asda makes a huge difference to these dedicated voluntary cat welfare and rehoming charities. Shame on you asda


    Because the food helps


    Clearly I support cats.

  7. Sarah Crawford UNITED KINGDOM

    What is the harm in keeping the donation boxes?? It makes no sense when they provide such a benefit to the charity.

  8. wendy hemsley

    The donations from the generous customers of Asdas are so important to the cat charities of brighton and hove.please bring back the crates so that we can continue to give to these wonderful small charities who do so much for abandoned,lost and uN wanted cats.
    Please think again as a da

  9. Lee cormack UNITED KINGDOM

    It is such an easy way for the public to help. Let us continue to do so. Please

  10. Ruth lindsay UNITED KINGDOM


  11. Ellen Forester UNITED KINGDOM

    Cat charities do such good work and it’s no effort at all for Asda to do this small thing for them.

  12. Lesley Lewis UNITED STATES

    City cat shelter is a small charity with a big heart …. Looking after and rescuing cats they rely on collection baskets such as those in the Asda shop. City cat shelter also supports vulnerable people in keeping their pets the very people who often use Asda for their weekly shop ( Asda promotes itself as a shop that offers value for money) Asdas decision to remove the cat food collection baskets is heartless and I’ll thought out hurting the most vulnerable cats and humans. Shame on you Asda , I urge to rethink this decision

  13. Lesley Lewis UNITED STATES

    City cat shelter relies on the donations from the baskets in Asda. CCS is a fantastic charity that not only rescues and regimes cats but supports vulnerable in looking after their pets. The same demographic that is a significant proportion of Asdas customers seeing as Asda promotes itself as a money saving store . I urge to rethink this course of action Asda.

  14. Patricia Franklin-Lester UNITED KINGDOM

    Removal of the cat food crates has the potential of causing hardship to a really deserving & worthy local animal charity.

  15. Lynda Gibbs UNITED KINGDOM

    All small cat charities rely on public donations and removing the basket will seriously damage the good that they do as much needed funds will have to be used for food. Please reinstate them

  16. Michelle Lieberman UNITED KINGDOM

    It’s no skin off Asda’s nose to have these crates in their store surely, in fact it encourages people to buy pet food so it’s more profits for the Asda stores, I shall do my shopping elsewhere until these crates are re-instated.

  17. Lin Brown UNITED KINGDOM

    I have had four rescue cats from city cat shelter …they work tirelessly to look after abandoned cats with no funding apart from donations from the public and those boxes are a godsend …every penny is well spent …cannot believe you could take them away …hopefully you will reconsider

  18. Jenny griffin UNITED KINGDOM

    Supporting local charities. My two cats are from the city cat shelter.

  19. Kim Pursglove UNITED KINGDOM

    This helps the self funded animal and cat rescue places


    Nonsensical decision – local people want to support local charities….and in the process are buying items from Asda!

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