Reinstate Collection Crates For Animal Charities Instore

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Created February 10, 2016 by Lizzy Rinder

Animal Welfare

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  1. Dan Staples UNITED KINGDOM

    Come on Asda !

  2. Natalie Miller UNITED KINGDOM

    I can’t see why you wouldn’t. What is the added value of taking the food drop basket away?

  3. Julia Balme UNITED KINGDOM

    All supermarkets should have food bank and animal charity collection points. Why wouldn’t they? As has been said, we buy the stuff in their stores then choose to donate. Surely it’s win-win for the supermarkets.

  4. Lucy

    These collections are vital to City Cat Shelter and there’s no reason for them to be discontinued! Please consider reinstating them.. the shelter runs on donations and these were a vital part of those!!


    So surprised that you could even think of doing this to such a worthy charity as City Cat Shelter. Come on ASDA, grow a set and reinstate the collection box back in your store. After all it makes money for you guys, makes you look like the good guys and massively helps out a wonderful local charity. I urge you to please reconsider and reinstate the box in your store. Thank you.

  6. Claire Griffiths

    I see no reason for this very useful source of food for the animals they care for to be stopped, it really helps a small charity.

  7. Lynn Joyce AUSTRALIA

    Collection points are vital to animal.charities. there can be no reason whatsoever for a supermarket to withdraw this facility. Petty mindedness and mean spirited!

  8. Daisy Barrell Shearer UNITED KINGDOM

    Seems a waste for such a popular collection point to be taken away when it is doing such good.

  9. Brian Mapplethorpe UNITED KINGDOM

    At a purely commercial level, you should ask yourselves what effect such a collection has on customers’ feelings about you.

  10. Dorothy Norkett UNITED KINGDOM

    Asda should be ashamed of themselves removing charity items. I will be avoiding the place.

  11. Ruby Lewis UNITED KINGDOM


  12. Vicky Lebeau UNITED KINGDOM

    These collections are vital to City Cat Shelter

  13. Laura etkin-budge UNITED KINGDOM

    I thought supermarkets wanted to be part of the community. Collecting for the community seems an easy and obvious way.

  14. Jean Meier UNITED KINGDOM

    More and more nowadays, animals, like people, are having to rely on kind, compassionate people to help out. Yet animals do so much good to people, surely some modest thankyous to them are not too much to ask!

  15. Kathy Blanchard UNITED KINGDOM

    Very disappointing to hear of this decision by Asda. As one of many customers who purchase goods from Asda in order to donate to such a hardworking charitable cause I will vote with my feet and take my custom elsewhere.

  16. Barbara Norton UNITED KINGDOM

    Please Asda reconsider your decision to remove the containers that collect cat foods bought in your stores and thus helping your profits.The City Cat Shelter in Brighton is a charity that urgently needs the assistance this food provides .

  17. alison

    Please reinstate the cat food donation bin for City Cat Shelter Coldean. They rely on your customers donations to help them survive. There money goes towards vet bills and the upkeep of the cattery

  18. Janet Going UNITED KINGDOM

    City Cat Shelter and Lost Cats do amazing work in Brighton and deserve all the help they can get. It is not as if they have to do anything as the food left in the crate is collected by volunteers. Asda once had a great community ethos – how sad this is no longer true.

  19. Alison Burrell UNITED KINGDOM

    Please reinstate the cat food collection in Hollingbury and Brighton Marina stores. Local small animal charity, City Cat Shelter relies on the donations of shoppers to feed many cats. As a regular Hollingbury shopper I will be taking my business elsewhere if the donation points are not reinstated. The local Sainsbury’s store has donation points so I will shop there instead. Please do the right thing.

  20. Faye Finnis UNITED KINGDOM

    Surely it’s a no brainer? People spend money in the supermarkets in order to donate and shelters need the vital donations. These baskets have been around for as long as I can remember. Please reinstate immediately

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