Reinstate Collection Crates For Animal Charities Instore

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Created February 10, 2016 by Lizzy Rinder

Animal Welfare

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There are currently 236 signatures for this petition:

  1. Laura

    Please reinstate this, for humanity sake.

  2. Ian Parnell UNITED KINGDOM

    What are they thinking. This is a heartless act, and a massive publicity own goal!

  3. Claire Croucher

    A great cause

  4. Courtney UNITED KINGDOM

    The boxes in asda were such a huge part of the cats lives!

  5. Courtney UNITED KINGDOM

    They need to be brought back

  6. anita millott UNITED KINGDOM

    These charities are doing work that needs doing

  7. anita millott UNITED KINGDOM

    These people are doing work that needs doing – give them back their crates

  8. Lynett Tate UNITED KINGDOM

    I can see no reason for this, why stop giving this charities & your customers the opportunity for help!!

  9. Rachel sargent UNITED KINGDOM

    Ever since I can remember I have seen those donation boxes full with the generosity of cat lovers from Brighton. To take away something that benefits animals so majorly is nothing short of cruel. It doesn’t take up much room. Also it used to show that a large company like Walmart cared for animals too. Removing the help for the charities will make me tell people not to shop there.

  10. Lynda

    Speaks for itself – these worthy shelters need all the help they can get.
    Its vital for them to continue their good work in helping these lovely animals get the homes they deserve.

  11. Terry Brady UNITED KINGDOM

    Think of the community and not just yourselves Asda, this charity needs all the help it can get.

  12. Georgina Fenn UNITED KINGDOM

    Rescue cats really need this food! It’s pointless to remove what is a valuable cat food drop point and for what reason? It’s like a virtual kicking of a kitten. I just don’t understand the reasoning for removal.

  13. Amanda Barton UNITED KINGDOM

    Please keep the food drop for the kitties!

  14. Jean Meier UNITED KINGDOM

    Animal charities do a wonderful job – very often with very little money. Animals give us so much: surely we can give a little back!

  15. Elizabeth Breen UNITED KINGDOM

    Am a cat lover and City cat shelter, a charity I support will suffer if food crates removed.

  16. nicola day-garman

    this is a local charity which without the help that Asda has supplied up until now will make a difference, but not in a good way..the donations come from people that care…so Asda can you also please care for the smaller charities in our area..its much needed and appreciated!

  17. Wendi Witton UNITED KINGDOM

    These collection points are essential to the charities who benefit

  18. Joe Addison

    Charities need help!


    Please Asda, rethink your change in policy. These local charities do fantastic work on a tiny budget and you’re taking away a much needed lifeline at a time when money is particularly tight.
    It will make me go elsewhere to shop if I can’t donate at your stores.

  20. Lewis Taylor UNITED KINGDOM

    Charity work is vital to those that are less fortunate, this includes animals.

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