Reinstate Collection Crates For Animal Charities Instore

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Created February 10, 2016 by Lizzy Rinder

Animal Welfare

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  1. Kim Walker UNITED KINGDOM

    can’t see what is going to achieved by this other than making it increasingly hard for small local community charities to do the excellent work that they are doing.

  2. Kathy Hemestretch UNITED KINGDOM

    What is wrong with you ASDA, I am sure you can tell how much your customers love their cats, by the money that they spend in the pet isle. Depriving them of a quick and easy chance to help feed cats less fortunate than their own is very wrong.

  3. Daniela Britti UNITED STATES

    Please reinstate the donations craters for city cat shelters. All these things help the shelter to help poor stray cats and support adoptions and pay vets bills. It is a valuable service for the whole community and as customer at Asda I am happy to leave my little contribute. I wont shop at Asda until these craters will be reinstated. Thanks

  4. Susan Gibbons UNITED KINGDOM

    A truly retrograde move by Asda. We urge you to restore the collection crates (whatever the perceived obstacles, with a little imagination, there must be a way) and show that you are not just a money-making corporate giant, but a force for good in the community too. City Cat Shelter, Brighton is a well-loved and highly-thought-of local charity, run by volunteers. Please, please continue to support them…and we will continue to shop at Asda.

  5. Beth Anderson

    Save the cats!

  6. Kate Baker-Bassett

    Stupid rule.

  7. Christine Robinson UNITED KINGDOM

    Will withdraw my business from Asda until they reinstate the collection crates.

  8. ellie tiffin UNITED KINGDOM

    Please rethink your decision to remove the boxes, it makes such a difference to a small charity

  9. Remedios Padrino UNITED KINGDOM

    Please would you put back the Ccs food bank in Asdas! What you have done is cruel! These people rely on the donations that people kindly give, they are not a government charity, and this would mean a large loss of which they count on. I will be exposing your ridiculous ideas all over social media until you put them back!


    No acceptable reason for the collections to be discontinued. Food collected in them is usually bought from the Asda store, generating profit that Asda will now lose. This local cattery ran by by volunteers and whose owners take no wages have a wonderful reputation in their community. How utterly depressing and disappointing that Asda have made such a backward decision.


    These collections are vital to the City Cat Shelter, and people find it easy to donate when out shopping. Please reconsider.

  12. mollie squires UNITED KINGDOM

    worth while charity,people are more likely to donate if they see a collection basket

  13. t.squires UNITED KINGDOM

    a charity I support

  14. Charlotte dearing GERMANY

    These boxes are important for small charities

  15. Karen Withecomb

    This local small charity is fantastic and part of our community. It has re-homed hundreds of local cats, reunited lost cats with their owners, sends out great educational messages about neutering and microchipping pets and is universally well-loved in the area and for good reason. Come on ASDA, help City Cat Shelter to carry on its brilliant work!

  16. Pixie bowles UNITED KINGDOM

    i used to work in a Cattery and we relied heavily on food donations which were collected via supermarket crate points!

  17. Gary Blanchard UNITED KINGDOM

    An extremely worthy cause will suffer greatly without the donations made through Asda’s involvement.

  18. Meg Woods UNITED KINGDOM

    I used to work for and ASDA store and saw all the community work and fundraising they were involved with. This is a real shame, please reinstate the collection!

  19. Stephanie Dulieu UNITED KINGDOM

    why not ?!

  20. Madeleine Macphail

    The city cat shelter runs on donations, the food provided by these drop points was and is vital. There is no good reason to stop it, if people do pilfer from it then the victims are the charities, why make them a victim twice by removing it?

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