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Created December 5, 2015 by f e sharpe


We are asking the united kingdom government to take notice and keep hms ocean the largest ship in the navy in service till the new carriers are built and at sea with no gap in between.

There are currently 179 signatures for this petition:

  1. Clive Smith UNITED KINGDOM

    The world is more dangerous than for a long time, we need the flexibility Ocean gives us.

  2. Julia Spink UNITED KINGDOM

    need until replacement available

  3. raymond simms UNITED KINGDOM

    should keep hms ocean till other ships are ready for duty

  4. gillian simms UNITED KINGDOM

    we need to keep hms ocean till at least one of the new aircraft carrier is in service and up to speed

  5. Steven Shaw UNITED KINGDOM

    Need Protection Till New Ones Are Built

  6. Josie Marshall UNITED KINGDOM

    We have too little military cover to go without

  7. Robert Scott UNITED KINGDOM

    Our navy is minimal as it is. Don’t decommission another ship before we have a replacement.

  8. Raymond Burt

    Our son is in the Navy and he knows how important it is to keep Ocean going.

  9. Caroline Burt

    We need the Ocean.

  10. Raymond Burt

    We need our big ships like Oceon.

  11. Justin Hook UNITED KINGDOM

    with the decommissioning of the last of the invincible class carriers it is vital that Ocean be kept in service until at least one of the Queen Elizabeth class Carriers are in Service with the present state of world affairs we can ill afford a carrier gap in the Armed forces.

  12. Lynne newcomb UNITED KINGDOM

    We re a stronger navy with this ship than without it.

  13. rob cowell UNITED KINGDOM

    Will they ever learn ,short sighted money saving may cost us dear . Trump won’t bale us out, Europe will turn its blind eye

  14. Robert Lanzer UNITED KINGDOM

    This ship has proved its worth time and time again. It is the right size, and no more than that, to support a two-company lift as part of an amphibious operation. Even keeping the ship in reserve makes far more sense than selling it.

  15. Cyril Print & Jean Print

    We have a very small Royal Navy since the Falklands War so we need every ship we have at least until the two new aircraft carriers are fully operational

  16. Ian McLachlan UNITED KINGDOM

    We need Ocean’s amphibious capability. The new QE carriers are not suitable for amphibious operations and never will be.

  17. Barbara West UNITED KINGDOM

    I think the UK needs The Ocean.

  18. Mark Fannon UNITED STATES

    The Royal Navy’s capabilities are plummeting down already and removing this ship would be a huge mistake to make, just because aircraft carriers are soon to be in service, we still need helicopter carrying amphibious assault ships for both redundancy and numbers. The common argument that “the new ships will be bigger and more high tech” is completely invalid – no matter how high tech the ships are, the amount of sea in the world will stay the same as it always has as well as the fact that one ship can only be in one place at a time.

  19. Jameson Powell UNITED KINGDOM

    The world is in a volatile war threat situation, it is now time to increase the number of the Royal Navy’s warships, not shrink it! The SIZE of the British armed forces is very important, as a deterrent of war! It is so obvious! Please hold on to all our older, but perfectly functional warships!

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