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Created December 5, 2015 by f e sharpe


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  1. Dorothy Dawes UNITED KINGDOM

    I have enough emails thank you

  2. Julian R. Masters UNITED KINGDOM

    This carrier is required for cover until the new ones are constructed and have joined the fleet

  3. David Whitfield UNITED KINGDOM

    We used to be the best navy in the world that is not so now we are wide open been a small island, and taking this ship away before another is built is not going to help one bit I used to be proud to say I was in the navy wonder if that’s the case now with the guys and girls.

  4. elaine foster UNITED KINGDOM

    as an island nation we still need a strong navy.

  5. peter lofthouse UNITED KINGDOM

    I am a firm believer in internal and external security.
    We appear to be ‘losing’ both

  6. Roger Bell

    Keep HMS Ocean! It’s the perfect piece of equipment to react at short notice to global troublespots, where a smaller contingent force is required. Remember Sierra Leone, Kosovo?

  7. Margaret and Colin Tough

    Our Royal Navy is being destroyed by all our political parties. This ship is essential until a replacement is in situ

  8. James M. Bryson

    Royal Navt Veteran. It is time this government pulled their fingers out and get the Navy
    back to what it was.

  9. C Docherty UNITED KINGDOM

    We need navy defence.

  10. Janet vockins GERMANY

    We need to be a mighty nation once more

  11. Alan Gaunt

    The ship is an essential element in the protection of this country and should be retained.

  12. P Separghan

    In the present climate the UK needs to keep
    HMS Ocean in service

  13. Shirley Haigh UNITED KINGDOM

    For security reasons,protecting our country and armed forces

  14. ellis UNITED KINGDOM

    save great britain from Gordon Cameron GOD HELP US

  15. margaret ellis UNITED KINGDOM

    save HMS OCEAN from the scrap yard we are desperate for every ship..
    TO many have scraped already


    David Cameron has done untold damage Great Britain l hpoe he will take heed of the petition

  17. Jan Robinson UNITED KINGDOM

    We need the full protection until a replacement can be made.

  18. Jennifer Cameron UNITED KINGDOM

    Our armed forces have been so depleted that to take another naval ship out of service is leaving us totally depleted.

  19. J & R Firth UNITED KINGDOM

    Save H M S Ocean They have scraped far to many already.

  20. Chris Leggett UNITED KINGDOM

    The UK’s Armed Forces have taken a hammering from this government. We need a ship of this type until further notice so leave it alone.

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