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Created December 5, 2015 by f e sharpe


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  1. James A. Hutchinson UNITED KINGDOM

    The current reduction of all our armed forces is leaving this country in mortal danger. The government seems oblivious to this .

  2. Kay West - HMS Orion Assn

    I have been on HMS Ocean in Devonport Plymouth some time ago. We must keep our HMS ships sailing.

  3. Brian James Crabb

    Britain needs an aircraft carrier until the new builds have been commissioned.

  4. Thomas W Gray

    We must keep our magnificent Naval Ships afloat.

  5. Martin Howard FRANCE

    As the petition says

  6. Anne Harvey UNITED KINGDOM

    Wait for the new aircraft carriers!! As another signer has stated, no reason not to keep her until 2020 unfter a £65m refit!

  7. Geoff Harding UNITED KINGDOM

    Our Navy is to week, also an embarassment as it stands, as an island we need a much stronger Navy, so please please wake up before its to late.

  8. Duncan

    Because Britain Rules the Waves.

  9. John McPherson UNITED KINGDOM

    |it is imperative that the UK can continuously have effective Naval warships available to protect the UK and where required to assist in humanitarian relief efforts around the world until our Two carrier s come into effective service

  10. Barbara Penfold UNITED KINGDOM

    my late husband was in the Royal Navy and I know he would have approved
    this petition

  11. Michael Penfold UNITED KINGDOM

    My late father was in the Royal Navy and I know he would have approved
    this petition


    Ex naval rating. It is imperative to keep this ship alive till new ones can take over.

  13. Christine Brown GERMANY

    To get rid of this carrier without the new ones ready to take over cover puts this country at risk from the many gun & bomb-happy terrorists around the world

  14. Powell Derek FRANCE

    Once Navy, always Navy. Part of our maritime heritage.

  15. peter cocks UNITED KINGDOM

    to support men womem of the royal navy also royal marines,who served this country over the years with distinction h m s should stay till both carriers proved.My grandfather served as a royal marine h m s mohawk 1800s soloman islands . GOOD LUCK

  16. Richard UNITED KINGDOM

    The short sightedness of successive British governments regarding the Navy is truly astonishing. Naval preparedness needs to be considered over a much longer time period than a politician’s five year brain. The fact that we are already winging naval defence since the demise of the older carriers is worrying enough and now this barmy idea? Give me strength

  17. Darren James UNITED KINGDOM

    We cannot standby and watch the continued decline of the British Armed Forces.

  18. James A . Hutchinson UNITED KINGDOM

    This is just another example of the depletion of our armed forces . Ships , aircraft and other military hardware MUST NOT be removed from service until replacements are ” in the field ” and ready for use . We are selling / destroying perfectly good military hardware that we will have to buy again at a future date . The sale of Harrier jets to the USA is a case in point . We are now purchasing FROM THEM an inferior version that doesn’t have Rolls Royce engines . More Brit job losses !

  19. Kath Murray UNITED KINGDOM

    Our navy has been decimated by government, not just this one. Save HMS Ocean.

  20. Kath Murray UNITED KINGDOM

    Saw your letter in the Westmoreland Gazette, great cause

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