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Created December 5, 2015 by f e sharpe


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  1. Alec Thorpe UNITED KINGDOM

    We are an island and need ships for defence.


    In todays climate it seems silly to get rid of a carrier until we have another ready to take her place.

  3. Elizabeth Gregory

    This is the navys flagship!!!!!

  4. Dawn Stiff UNITED KINGDOM

    No ship should be decommissioned until a suitable replacement is built and up and running, especially in today’s climate

  5. Freda Dawydowskyj UNITED KINGDOM

    The UK needs all the protection available to help keel us safe from the terrorists.

  6. David Fletcher

    We need carrier defence continually. We could not defend ourselves properly without it. Heaven help if another Falklands crisis came. The govt. talks about having proper defence, they should prove it.

  7. Brian Bunce UNITED KINGDOM

    We need carrier defence.

  8. Michael Syms

    People need to have a say in the country

  9. Neil Gibbett

    Common sense.

  10. G R SPATE

    Mad to leave a gap in our capabilities

  11. Raymond Neilson

    Bad decision to get rid of Ocean before new carriers are up and commissioned.

  12. Andrew Griffiths

    It is ludicrous to think within the current state of world affairs, that the Royal Navy would lose one of its most important assets leaving the U.K without any ship borne air defence capabilities or logistical troop support. The penny pinching Whitehall cronies once again fail to recognise the very real dangers of leaving gaps in defence abilities.Maintain HMS Ocean until she can be properly relieved.

  13. Andrew Tuzzio UNITED KINGDOM

    I,mi ex royal navy having served most of my time on carrier’s and know all to we’ll how important they are for protecting our country don’t remove hms ocean we’re going to need her in the future and those that crew her.

  14. Frank Pretty

    Ex R.N.

  15. S. Larkins UNITED KINGDOM

    I sometimes wonder whose side some of these so called experts who represent us in Parliament are on. We are an island nation and need all the protection we can raise regardless of cost. So wake up you EXPERTS and get your act together now before it is too late!!!!



  17. Kirstin Rylatt UNITED KINGDOM

    I was in Plymouth around the time of HMS Ocean’s naming ceremony about 11 years ago. There are enough ships rusting after being decommissioned at Devonport Naval Dockyards without adding this one to the collection. It is criminal to decommission any of our naval ships.

  18. nick harvey UNITED KINGDOM

    must be kept until new carriers in service to support fleet air arm and royal marines

  19. Andrew Cairncross UNITED KINGDOM

    The Royal Navy has been cut back to the bare bones . The last thing the country needs is yet another front line vessel removed . Expand the navy , not shrink it

  20. Mrs Kay Rhodes UNITED KINGDOM

    We need the ship to provide necessary support in the interim period.

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