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Created December 5, 2015 by f e sharpe


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  1. frederick sharpe UNITED KINGDOM

    keep HMS Ocean in service till new carriers are built and at sea.

  2. Paul turkington UNITED KINGDOM

    We need to defend our country at all times

  3. Mike Thomsett

    We need to wait for the two Q.E. Carriers to enter service before Ocean is withdrawn

  4. david moss-baker UNITED KINGDOM

    We have no Carriers at the moment, what s the rush to to scrap the Ocean,
    surely this type of vessel is important to keep. The Ocean is also important for disaster releif. Its unbeleivable that this Government does’nt see the arm its doing to the Royal Navy. The Government as just spent £65 million on it, its a criminal waste to scrap it so soon !

  5. Richard G Cockram UNITED KINGDOM

    Defence of the realm

  6. Keith Brown UNITED KINGDOM

    This country cannot afford to be without our own protection,we must not rely on other countries to help us out,

  7. Deborah McDonough UNITED KINGDOM

    Having served on here for 5 years I will be sad to see her sold for scrap!!!a bit of common sense needs to prevail, she is one of a kind, needed for all the helos until a carrier is complete!!

  8. Gwen Emmerton

    I support this petition

  9. Andy Frost

    Our Navy is tiny enough already. Surely, we should have at least one aircraft carrier.

  10. Thomas leach UNITED KINGDOM

    Ocean should be kept if there is a something wrong.ocean is on stand by as the nations flagship she should be kept else it would be a sad sight of not being there at devonport .

  11. Peter J Dilley NEW ZEALAND

    The RN’s FAA reflects but a shadow of its former capability. Whether for disaster relief in peacetime, or rapid response to a threat to world peace anywhere at any time, a carrier’s scope and flexibility to do what’s needed where it’s required is well proven. No other class of vessel can match it. It is a ‘no brainer’ to decommission HMS Ocean before at least one of the new carriers are fit and ready for operation. Even then the decision should be at least carefully reviewed.


    If it is not obvious to politicians, it is to the general public. When the last government decided to scrap some carriers and give our Harriers to the Yanks, we have been left with a massive shortfall. I suppose we can borrow one from the French at the weekend!

  13. Clifford Roach UNITED KINGDOM

    We need this ship to supply additional covers whilst awaiting new vessels

  14. Edward Cutler UNITED KINGDOM

    We need to keep ships until we have new vessels to replace them-we are an island and so should have ships to help in any crisis

  15. Simon Jackson UNITED KINGDOM

    I endorse all of the comments made for this petition 100%. We must keep HMS Ocean in the fleet at all costs.

  16. M Robertson Squire

    HMS Ocean should be retained. To deplete our naval and military assets at this time in history is absolute madness when it is evident that the world could be teetering on the edge of major conflict. The Falklands was proof that assets should be in adequate supply instead of having to cobble together anything available. Politicians never learn from history . Until we have fully operating replacements HMS Ocean must be kept in operation.

  17. Bernard Pire

    Weakening UK defense at this point in history is stupid. The two new carriers are scheduled for 2018/20…

  18. lewis addicott UNITED KINGDOM

    i have been on this ship and seen how it is one of the most capable ships inthe fleet

  19. Eric Dempster

    Built with a commercial hull and finished within RN guidelines, HMS Ocean was excellent value for money and has proved to be a versatile and competent vessel during her service with the RN. Having recently sailed on her she appears in great condiition, and after a £65m refit could surely have been retained in service until 2020, when the new carriers come into service. Nelson would be turning in his grave to think that the nearest country to UK with a conventional Carrier is …. FRANCE !!

  20. P G FitzGerald UNITED KINGDOM

    One main reason is retention of continuity
    Until the QE s come into service.

    Gives crews valuable experience

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