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Created December 5, 2015 by f e sharpe


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  1. Keith Brown UNITED KINGDOM

    This government should listen to and take motice of what people are saying,it is a must that this vessel is kept in service untill the new carriers are themselves are also in service.This country needs to be prepared for any eventuallity,what ever may arise.

  2. brian mardon UNITED KINGDOM

    HMS Ocean is required for are safety,

  3. Mrs Janie Kerrison-Jones UNITED KINGDOM

    We must save these older ships for the younger generation to enjoy

  4. Peter Dutton UNITED KINGDOM

    Let’s not go down the route of previous governments and remove our only serviceable asset. Learn from previous near mistakes…. The Falklands war for instance when we were only months away from getting rid of our only available carriers invincible possibly to the Australians and Hermes to scrap.

  5. Kester.shave UNITED KINGDOM

    There should be no gap in our carrier capability

  6. Jacky Shave UNITED KINGDOM

    potential gap in carrier capability

  7. Barry Jones

    We need to have at least one serviceable seagoing aircraft platform at least until the new carriers are commissioned

  8. Gordon Rees UNITED KINGDOM

    The security of our country is so important.

  9. Antony Saunders UNITED KINGDOM

    Asking the navy to fight more wars, but taking away their ability to do so. Soon we will have no ships until others are built. (and instantly mothballed) CRAZY !

  10. margaret butler UNITED KINGDOM

    Because as a very small island we need a carrier to help protect the uk

  11. keith j butler UNITED KINGDOM

    this government, is too quick to destroy our heritage.

  12. Brian Brogden UNITED KINGDOM

    Our country needs it.
    Where is our security without warships?
    Typical Gov’t attitude( lets sell or give away all our assets).
    Don’t see them scrapping all their expenses or perks to help balance the books.
    Let Joe public suffer instead.

  13. Stephen Andrews UNITED KINGDOM

    This wonderful ship should be kept in service. It seems that “modern ships” are not made like the old ships due to penny pinching governments, they’re in service a short time and there is a fault with them. Just take a look at what is happening to our world. Our country was saved by centuries of countless sailors who risked their lives defending our beloved country, why should we now have no defence against the threat of attack from wherever.

  14. Paul Robin Gibson UNITED KINGDOM

    We cannot be without cover silly to remove from Service by replacement is up to speed.

  15. Sarah Berry UNITED KINGDOM

    It seems vital to retain this ship in service, at least until there are proper replacements .

  16. Susan M. irish UNITED KINGDOM

    Leaves the country vulnerable. Dockyards need the work to build new ship.

  17. Dominic Connell UNITED KINGDOM

    We need more navel warship’s, are fleet is all ready small.

  18. David Noone

    We need to maintain our defence.



  20. peter tidball UNITED KINGDOM

    The Navy hasn’t got enough ships as it is. We need this one.

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