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Created December 5, 2015 by f e sharpe


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    It takes a stroke of a pen to scrap a ship…. It takes years to correct that mistake. Stop destroying our defences and save our ships.

  2. Brenda Bignell UNITED KINGDOM

    We need our ships

  3. M Richardson UNITED KINGDOM

    What with North Korea getting better and better at long range missiles we need every ship we have left.

  4. Sharon Escritt

    We have such a small Royal Navy now, to desecrate it further would be disastrous!

  5. Doreen Hunt UNITED KINGDOM

    Most of my family have been in the Navy, my husband was on HMS Eagle and Ark Royal. This ship needs to be kept in service, after such an expensive refit, until we have others to take its place. Our defences are being eroded beyond belief.

  6. Sharon Escritt

    We have such a small Royal Navy now, to desecrate it further would be disastrous! – See more at:

  7. peter burgess GERMANY

    She needs to be kept untill the new carriers are commissioned and in full active service complete with functional aircraft,

  8. Trevor Pottle UNITED KINGDOM

    We need a sea Flying Platform.

  9. Paul Roberts UNITED KINGDOM

    Served in the Navy 77 to 86 when we had ships and men to crew them. Went to the Falklands and we obtained our objective cold we do that now probably not we need to built our forces back up to a strength to be able to protect our shores so any more cuts is totally WRONG

  10. Robin Weeks UNITED KINGDOM

    Ex Stoker in the RN during the seventies, when we had a Fleet.

  11. graham Cole UNITED KINGDOM

    Its required and needed.

  12. Des Gauntlett UNITED KINGDOM

    Remember how we managed to get a task force together to defend the Falklands? We still need a carrier, and that’s coming from a ex squaddie!!

  13. Michael Colley UNITED KINGDOM

    Most people do not realize the danger of not being prepared for what may happen in the future. It was a good job that Winston Churchill was very forward thinking and built up the forces prior to WWII starting. Had he not done so then Great Britain would have been in a very difficult situation when war broke out. Russia is a great threat and we need to show our strength to them to avert another situation like Crimea. It could be us one day.

  14. Lynn Holden

    Countrys defence is too important to let this ship go.

  15. Irene Smyth UNITED KINGDOM

    The world is a very sad and dangerous place nowadays. We need to keep and maintain what little Military Services we have to a high standard and increase them in order to protect our shores. Perhaps the MPs would like to give up their pay rises or even reduce their pay to assist in this. It is not that long since HMS Ocean underwent a major refit and if they scrap her that will have been a waste.

  16. Malcolm Clarke

    HMS OCEAN has proved herself a versatile and important component of the fleet. Her fleibility will compliment the new carriers whose size and cost will inhibit their use and quick reactions. For the government to write her off after the rest, expensive refit shows how short sighted they are. The bean counters have done this before – dispensed with an asset on the grounds of cost and then had to go to even great expense to replace it.

  17. Lt. Cdr M W Tothill UNITED KINGDOM

    Because of small number of ships remaining in the navy.

  18. Sue Hillyer UNITED KINGDOM

    Need all our ships


    We need aircraft carriers not just 2 but 3 !!!

  20. mick arrandale UNITED KINGDOM

    It’s madness

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