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Created December 5, 2015 by f e sharpe


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  1. Elaine Cairncross

    There seems to be no progression plan involved in the retirement of ships.
    We have very little off shore protection as it is. Surely it makes more sense to maintain what little we have before retiring ships still capable of performing it’s duties.

  2. Stuart Cairncross NEW ZEALAND

    Save This Vessel !!
    Only the UK government could consider cutting back the Royal Navy even more during one of the most volatile periods since WWII.
    Now is the time to strengthen the armed forces.


    Our military capability is cut far enough, we have nothing anywhere near HMS Ocean until the two new carriers arrive…. it must stay in service.

  4. woody

    enough cuts

  5. David Lowe

    To ensure that there is no gap between the decommissioning of HMS Ocean and the commissioning of HMS Queen Elizabeth.

  6. Alan Taylor

    My son serves in the Royal Navy.

  7. Elaine Cairncross UNITED KINGDOM

    Most military capabilities have a continuity plan which involves the next generation of vessel being tried tested and in use before retiring other capabilities. This ship is still vital to the protecting and sustaining our Navel presence.

  8. Philip Cairncross UNITED KINGDOM

    We have suffered enough Military cut backs over the years, current climates prove we still need to defend our shores. This ship should remain in service.

  9. S D Paterson UNITED KINGDOM

    The action proposed is of the same quality as the scrapping of Nimrod and the reduction of Coast Guard facilities around the country – made by people in power for a limited period but with the ability to damage the nation’s long-term interests without an understanding of the effect of their, wrong-headed, short-termist approach.

  10. Jon Flannery UNITED KINGDOM

    The Falklands War illustrates the need we have for an Aircraft Carrier, we would not be able to defend our territories in a similar situation now.

  11. Samuel Harrison

    There is already a shortage of ships in the Royal Navy. Dont cut it anymore until the new carriers arrive.

  12. Samuel Harrison

    We need a constant carrier of some sort. Don’t leave a gap between carriers.

  13. Anthony Mitchelson UNITED KINGDOM

    To much money spent doing a refit only to be, wasted by this useless government and it’s pathetic leaders.


    We need a carrier until the Queen Elizabeth comes into service. It’s needed to counterstrike loose canons like IS

  15. David Walton UNITED KINGDOM

    The same ludicrous reasoning that left us without air craft carriers

  16. Keitb Largue UNITED KINGDOM

    She is needed to remind us we once had a navy

  17. Norah Coombes UNITED KINGDOM

    Too many cuts already. We need our navy.

  18. Ronnie McAlpine UNITED KINGDOM

    This carrier is required for cover until the new ones are constructed and have joined the fleet

  19. Ethel McAlpine UNITED KINGDOM

    When are the current party in power going to realise,that there is an urgent requirment for this ship (HMS Ocean) to be kept .Are they blind to the fact that there will be a long period of time until the new carriers are fully constructed,worked up,fully trained ships company etc. Is there no one in this goverment aware of what is happening to the Royal Navy ?

  20. Ann crozier UNITED KINGDOM

    Whatever happened to Britannia ruling the waves? Keep HMS Ocean.

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